Jennette McCurdy hosts a McCurdian Monday Q&A

Posted on May 13, 2013


To celebrate McCurdian Monday, Jennette McCurdy hosted a Q&A on the morning of May 13th, 2013. The following questions were answered by Jennette after she tweeted:

Happy #McCurdianMonday ! I’ll be doing a QandA day, so just send me your questions. I’ll answer a bunch :)

After answering a few questions, the hashtag #McCurdianMonday immediately became the top hashtag trend worldwide.

Q: Favorite food?
A: Asian, pizza, apples, and pancakes

Q: what were Sophia Grace, and Rosie like?
A: they’re sweet, professional, polite, and talented

Q: What’s the best thing and the worst thing about being famous ?
A: of just “fame”, I think my favorite part is getting cool clothes and my least favorite is no privacy

Q: if you could be in any show, what would it be?
A: of any show that’s currently running, new girl or psych or game of thrones

Q: Whats it like working with Cameron on Sam & Cat?
A: I adore Cameron. He’s like a little brother to me. He is so good-natured, fun, calm, sweet, and kind

Q: how is sam&cat going?:)
A: so well! I love the most recent episodes we’ve shot. I think you guys will too

Q: what’s your favourite colour?
A: purple and pink to look at, blue to wear

Q: would you rather be a fairy or a mermaid or a pirate?
A: fairy or pirate. No mermaid for me

Q: What’s your favorite song?
A: right now, forgot to laugh by Bridget mendler, 6am by fitz and the tantrums, or gold by macklemore/Ryan Lewis

Q: Pet peeves?
A: condensation in water bottles

Q: winter or summer?
A: winter!

Q: do you sing while you are on the shower????
A: always

Q: something weird about you?
A: I think fingernail polish feels like skin

Q: Movies: Thriller or Comedy ?
A: comedy! I honestly get paranoid in scary movies

Q: Miranda Cosgrove describe in two words.
A: genuine, funny

Q: How much do you love your fans?
A: so much

Q: what is your favorite song of selena gomez?
A: who says. I was literally listening to it when I read your tweet

Q: your dream job when you was young?
A: actress! I also wanted to own an ice cream or candy shop

Q: what is your favorite song of demi lovato?
A: heart attack

Q: you know that @itsnotkelly made a regretful decision to go to bed an hour and 20 minutes before your q&a?
A: shame on her lol jk

Q: What time do you usually go to sleep?
A: I’m a night owl but I’ve been working on going to bed earlier lately

Q: do you like cupcakes ?
A: who doesn’t?

Q: What do you admire most in a person?
A: good question. I admire people who are genuine, funny, good-natured, smart, interesting, and responsible.

Q: @jennettemccurdy has got amazing fans just look at the world wide trends #mccurdianmonday your a awesome person jennette you really are
A: thanks, love you

Q: I remember when you used to nickname a few McCurdians… You never did that to me :( Can I please get one now?
A: caramel buttercup

Q: Do you love me? A little?
A: of course I do!

Q: do you think #Jariana is a good couple?
A: yes. Adorable

Q: what time did you wake up?
A: 7:43am

Q: remember when you came to mall of America in minnesota ?(: you did such an amazing job performing. You should come back
A: thank you!!

Q: i have big question…. Do u love me? Cuz i love u a lot! Thanks for all McCurds :-)
A: of course! I love all you mccurdians. You keep me employed and make life fun and befriend me

Q: #TwoThingsThatDontMixWell @jennettemccurdy and hate. She is one of the most loving person I have ever seen! <3 A: thank you! It's so much easier to love Q: so then I was washing the dishes while you were doing a QandA sesh lol that sucks A: hope you scrubbed em clean Q: what do u think about my socks? love you :D
A: glorious

Q: Do you think I’m crazy?
A: haha i adore this

Q: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
A: cookies n cream

Q: what’s up between you and that little stupid thing called “frozen yogurt”?
A: it’s a very real relationship. We have our trials, but overall, froyo and I have more positives than negatives


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