Jennette McCurdy and the Swindle cast talk about their new movie

Posted on May 1, 2013


Cambio traveled to Canada during the filming of Swindle to interview the cast about their new movie. Jennette McCurdy describes the movie as: Action, Funny, Gang. Check out the video below to hear what else Jennette said in the interview, exclusively provided by Cambio and AOL.

Jennette: My character on Swindle is named Savannah. She’s a theatrical desperate actress.

Working with people you know so well definitely makes it difficult between takes. Ariana and I will be singing and working little harmonies and Noah and Chris will be tackling each other.

When the camera is rolling, I think it makes it even better because the chemistry is really organic.

I collect stuffed animals, like teddy bears. I get one everytime I’m on location for a shoot or if I’m in a new place, I like to get a teddy bear

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