Grandma McCurdy cuisine and Jennette’s pets

Posted on May 1, 2013


In the following videos, Jennette McCurdy shared details about her grandmother’s cooking and the pets that the family currently watches over. Both videos are provided by Nickelodeon, part of the Nick Stars exclusive.

You voted for this month’s star-studded interviewee and you got her! Your favorite McCurdian dropped by to share some of her awesome tales and we’re dishing on the wackiest one yet. Story goes, the word ‘home-made’ takes on a whole new meaning in the Jennette household and the older the dish, the better.
Ahhh, nothing like a hot plate of beef stew-maccaroni-chicken parm loaf! Just kidding! But we really gotta give it up to Jennette’s grandmother, ’cause anyone able to whip up a quick meal and get that creative deserves an honorable mention. It’s no wonder Jennette is such a food lover!

Jennette: I tolerated a lot of my grandmother’s “homemade” foods which is basically stuff that has been in the cupboard for a long time and it’ll be mixed up together and like heated up for a minute-thirty and hand it to you

Every awesome star needs an awesome sidekick. And since Jennette McCurdy is one of the awesomest stars we know, she needs more than just one! In fact, Jennette has four pets, and you’re gonna get a kick out of the cute and quirky names she gave them. But hey, isn’t that what you’d expect from a hilarious actress like Jennette? Check out this clip of her chatting up her furry friends.
So just one question… When can we meet Chewbacca, Musashi, Tweety, and McFly in person?!

Jennette: I have a bunch of pets that my family now watch because now I live in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets but my dogs are Chewbacca and Musashi and my birds are Tweety and McFly

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