Behind the scenes of Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande press photoshoot

Posted on April 26, 2013


In the latest article of J14 magazine, during Jennette and Ariana’s press photoshoot, we get a small glimpse into the busy day of the two celebrities. Check below for the full article.

Sam & Two Cats
When we spent the day with Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande, the girls were head-over-heels excited about their new Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat – and couldn’t resist posing with this adorable Japanese maneki-neko good luck kitty! “My and this guy are Sam & Cat!” Jennette jokes.

11:30 am Studio arrival
When Jennette arrived at the studio, her eyes lit up at the sight of this crazy prop pillow. “What is this?!” she said. “This is awesome!”

12:00 PM Wardrobe choices
The on-set stylist made sure both girls had tons of clothing and accessories to choose from for a variety of shots.

12:30 PM Healthy bites
While Jennette munched on some grilled chicken salad with croutons, Ariana asked us to crank up the Pandora station for Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop!”

1:15 PM Beauty bag
When J-14 asked Jennette to show us the hair and makeup table, Jennette excitedly said, “Let me show you what’s in my purse too!”

2:00 PM Prep time
Jennette made sure she was ready for the shoot by doing some last-minute lipstick touch-ups on herself

3:00 PM Snack break
Ariana’s mom brought her food from home to snack on, while Jennette munched on dried fruit from the snack table.

4:30 PM Sticker sisters
Jennette gushed about this adorable little iPhone button sticker that Ariana gave her as a gift – and Ariana has a similar one on her own iPhone!

5:00 PM Finished shot!
After a long day in the studio, the girls couldn’t stop obsessing over their shots on photographer Michael Larsen’s camera. “How cute is this?!” Ariana squealed about her abstract floral dress.



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