Jennette McCurdy hosts a new version of her Q&A

Posted on April 13, 2013


On April 12th, 2013 after having her haired sprayed for Sam and Cat, Jennette McCurdy upgraded her Q&A style to answer questions through the day instead, when in her previous Q&A, she would host for usually an hour. The questions sent in by fans used the #askjennette tag, which ended up being #2 in the Worldwide Trends list. To kick it off, Jennette tweeted the following:

Q and a session – version 2.0. Will be answering throughout the day.

Below are the questions that she chose to answer:

Q: What color did they spray paint your hair?
A: yellow!

Q: what’s your favorite food
A: ice cream apples Asian Italian

Q: you still love psych??????
A: I have not seen it lately but I still love it heaps

Q: what is your favorite snack?
A: fruit snacks, apples, almond or peanut butter, coffee, licorice

Q: what’s your fav Movie?
A: back to the future!

Q: do you think I am attractive
A: yeah lookin good

Q: let’s cuddle and watch a session of american horror story? ;) haha lol
A: I’ve never seen American horror story. Make it shark tank and I’m in

Q: what’s you’re favourite perfume?
A: coconut vanilla, enchanted, gorgeous, harajuku… I love love love sweet perfumes.

Q: Do you see Miranda Cosgrove often?
A: She’s my bestie

Q: Any confirm date or location for your 21st birthday?
A: I don’t know if I’m doing a public one anymore :/… I will keep you all posted. Expect details in the coming weeks.

Q: is filming sam and cat fun?
A: a blast. No a in my name.

Q: hi Jennette #askjennette what’s ur fave pokemon
A: mewtew

Q: who was the last person you texted?
A: @paulytwee and @allisonsh

Q: Have you accomplished getting ready in under 10 minutes?
A: in my own time, all the time. For work stuff, no way!!

Q: What colors are on your mind right now?
A: cerulean and indigo

Q: would u ever dye your hair all blue?
A: I’d love to

Q: what’s your favorite song from @ddlovato?
A: heart attack. Obsessed

Q: is working with Ariana fun?
A: so fun!

Q: where are you?
A: on set

Q: Creamy or crunchy peanut butter?
A: crunchy but I’ve probably only had smooth for the last ten years. I need to get on that

Q: french fries or licorice,what’s the best for you? :p love you,give me a nickname pls?
A: they’re both really healthy

Q: describe your fans with one word?
A: salty

Q: did you cry at the final iCarly episode?
A: crying is for babies. Yes I cried.

Q: did you write a song with the @TheHenningsens awhile back?
A: I did! Whoa, throwback!

Q: let me squeeze your cheeks?
A: sure! What a little baby meatface

Q: hey McCurds, how’s your day going so far?
A: great, thanks! Solid shoot day

Q: what you most like about @PaulyTwee?
A: he is the sweetest, most sensitive, kind, smart, funny, thoughtful, charming person in the world. He is also a cinnamon bear.

Q: Don’t you think me, @AllAboutMcCurdy, @Crazy4Jennette and this sloth are hawt?

A: hottest

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