Sleepover secrets with Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande

Posted on April 6, 2013


During their press photoshoot, M Magazine asked Jennette and Ariana questions about sleepovers and their bonding experience. Below is what Jennette McCurdy said during the interview:

Childhood Memories
“I was always the sleepover host when I was little because I was too scared to sleep at somebody else’s house away from my mom. I would have my neighborhood friends over. We would all play Barbies, watch girly movies and sing songs together!”

Off-screen bestie bonding
“Ariana knows how to make any situation fun”

M Magazine: Alright ladies, it’s time to fess up a truth!
Jennette: “Here’s one! I cry at movies… a lot! I was sobbing during Les Miserables – it was hard. And, I cry every time I watch the movie 50/50.”

M Magazine: … And how ’bout a dare you’ve done?
Jennette: “One time, my friends and I went to a spy shop. I bought a surveillance camera necktie that I wore every day on the iCarly set. I got so much content from that!”

Ari & Jennette’s cell secrets
Jennette: “It’s [custom text tone] the cutest magical sound called ‘Tiptoes’, it’s the sound I think Ariana sounds most like – it sums her up perfectly.”


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