Jennette McCurdy shares her favorite app

Posted on March 20, 2013


The Wall Street Journal asked many celebrities about apps on their smartphone/tablet devices. Willa Plank from the WSJ asked Jennette which app is her favorite, which app is one that isn’t well known and an app that she eventually stopped using or deleted on her iPhone 4S.

WSJ: Which app do you use the most for work? How has it changed the way you do your job?
Ms. McCurdy: Facebook and Twitter. It’s how I post media, hear from fans, and hold contests and Q&A sessions. It’s given me a very public face and voice, and the ability to connect, literally any time, any place…I don’t have a team managing any of it, I do it all myself, and it can get, for lack of a better term, addicting. Sometimes I just have to give somebody my phone and say, “Don’t let me have that back.”

WSJ: Which app did you stop using or delete and why?
Ms. McCurdy: [MyFitnessPal]. Mainly because the nightly 9 p.m. notification asking what I ate that day seemed to mock the fact that yes, I had carbs and no, I didn’t log them.

WSJ: What’s an app that you like that most people have never heard of?
Ms. McCurdy: AutoRap. You speak into your phone, then it puts your words to a beat, and makes you sound cool.


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