Jennette McCurdy thinks up a new KCA category

Posted on March 18, 2013


Jennette McCurdy was asked to make up a wacky fake KCA category. Jamie’s question was picked by Nickelodeon via the comments section and you can also ask her a question by visiting her Nickelodeon stars exclusive video page and comment below the video.

Jennette McCurdy is no stranger to the Kids’ Choice Awards. She’s already snagged FIVE blimps as part of the iCarly crew. But aside from being one of our fave TV sidekick’s on one of our fave shows, there’s another category that Jennette thinks should earn her a KCA. And it makes total sense, ’cause it’s a category that she completely made up! Find out what fake award Jennette wants to accept on the KCA stage in this exclusive clip.

Below is video of what Jennette came up with:

I would definitely make up a wacky KCA award for most efficient morning routine because I’ve tried to nail that one down for a while so I could get ready in like 10 minutes. I think I would win.


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