Jennette McCurdy hosts a surprise Q&A

Posted on March 17, 2013


Jennette McCurdy is a fan of answering questions from fans and hosted a quick Q&A session on March 17th, 2013. She proposed to use the hashtag #askmccurdy which resulted in the top worldwide trending topic on Twitter. Below are the questions that Jennette picked to answer during the hour long Q&A:

Q: Kiwis or strawberries ?
A: i waver! right now, strawberries

Q: have you ever gone to Six Flags?
A: i almost went today! yes i’ve been before

Q: If you could be any disney princess, which one would you be?
A: i don’t know if tinkerbell counts, but Tink, cuz she’s feisty!

Q: what is an average day like for you when on set and when not on set?
A: when on set, shooting, chatting with crew, working on lines, busy busy. on a true day off, no m/u – tv, exercise, eat!!

Q: Do you like Japan?
A: i’ve always wanted to go!

Q: favorite song?
A: right now, Gold and Jimmy Iovine by @Macklemore.

Q: look @QueenJennette loves u a lot, so say hi to her! For your fans
A: @QueenJennette HIII!

Q: if you could be another person for a day, who would you be? (:
A: Ben Haggerty or someone else super fly and unique.

Q: You like slime?! FROM BRAZIL
A: YES!!! brazil.

Q: If you could have a super power, what do you like have?
A: invisibility or flying!

Q: what is your favorite song of miranda?
A: dancing crazy, disgusting, high maintenance

Q: Do you like Maybelline or Covergirl better?
A: I love a good @COVERGIRL foundation or mascara.

Q: Name something you and Sam from iCarly have in common.
A: we are both blonde

Q: thanks to meet I met @cosgrovemccurdy and now we’re friends in real life! Thank you!!!
A: woo! I love McCurdian friendships!

Q: Want to come to Brazil?
A: @trolldajennette i love your cute account

Q: a song that makes you remember your childhood?
A: good question! Paradise-Phil Collins, When You Wish Upon a Star, Scarlet Ribbons, & All Star-Smash Mouth

Q: any idea what you are about to be surprised with?
A: WHAT?!?!

Q: do you love pandas? i’m a panda :D
A: then i love you!

Q: Is my follow button working? Can you please check?
A: #ichecked

Q: Do you know how clever a magazine called “Food Digest” would be?!
A: laughed out loud

Q: have you read anything recently?
A: the most recent thing that i’ve read is your tweet.

Q: When you text lol, do you actually laugh out loud?
A: no. if i actually lol, i text “laughing out loud” out

Q: whats your favorite dessert?
A: ice creammmm

Q: Do you like nutella?
A: yes but i like speculoos cookie butter more

Q: what do you like doing in your spare time jennette?
A: taking classes, learning new things, adventures, surprises

Q: what do the KCA will wear? Already decided diva?
A: I haven’t decided yet!

Q: red outfit; hair in an up- do of some sort…like a bun :)
A: :D

Q: what is your favorite fruit?
A: apples!

Q: what’s your favorite show from Cirque du Soleil? I just saw Varekai :)
A: My favorite: Iris. Then Mystere. I’ve also seen Ovo, Ka, Believe, Zumanity, Zarkana, and Love. Plus DVDs of more. :)

A: :D

Q: is addicted to dresses?
A: i love love love dresses


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