Jennette McCurdy interview during her BirdsEye photoshoot

Posted on March 11, 2013


CelebrityTeenMagazine interviewed with Jennette McCurdy during her photoshoot. Photos courtesy of Gabbeli Photography and CelebrityTeenMagazine.

CTM: Let’s talk about your involvement with Birds Eye and the “iCarly iCook with Birds Eye” Program.
Jennette: I teamed up with Birds Eye to inspire a whole new generation of vegetable lovers. Veggies are not boring; they can be creative and fun for kids, and there are tons of recipes to make it a cool thing that you’re excited to eat. That’s the whole goal of this campaign.

Now Sam on iCarly is a big food lover, but she tends to prefer meat.
[laughs] Yes, there is an emphasis on meat. It’s a good thing that I’m a meat eater or I would be in a tough spot every day! I go to set and I have to eat bacon and fried chicken and things like that. I think the thing about Sam is that she’ll eat anything. So I get asked, “Would Sam eat veggies?” and I say, “Sure, she’ll eat anything that is put in front of her.”

What I love about iCarly from a parenting perspective is that the cast is always eating fruits or veggies on the show. In a subtle way, you’re helping kids to eat better.
I’m glad you picked up on that. It’s definitely a conscious decision because between takes, we tend to munch on whatever is in front of us. We didn’t want it to be junk food so we started requesting grapes or celery sticks.

Now, how can kids get involved?
Kids can enter the “iCook with Birds Eye” sweepstakes. They can go to; they can play around with the games or they can submit their own clever fun veggie recipes for a chance to have that recipe featured on iCarly, which is a pretty cool prize.

That is a pretty cool prize. And they can go on set as well.
Yes, they can go on set of the brand new Nick show, which…may be starring me! [laughs] I just finished taping the pilot, and it’s the same producer, Dan Schneider, so it has the same tone of iCarly and Victorious, so I can’t wait to start.
As a kid of the 80s, we all know Dan Schneider from Head of the Class.
Exactly! He gets recognized on the street all the time.

So now how to do you incorporate veggies into your own life?
I like things that are fast and easy. That’s why Birds Eye is great because you can literally pop it into the microwave and it’s done in a couple of minutes. You know that you’re having a nutritious side no matter what your protein is. But if you’re out at a restaurant, I love to order steamed veggies, because if you order pasta, you know that if you get broccolini it’s going to have some pasta goop on it! So it’s better if you order side vegetables, so it’s separate. You know that you’re doing yourself a favor.

We saw your amazing cover of Rascal Flatt’s song, “What Hurts The Most”. You’re an amazing singer! Is that something that you want to pursue?
Absolutely. I love music and singing. And my fans have responded so well to it so I will keep singing as long as they love it.

We’re so sad that iCarly is in its final season. What’s new to report?
Well, we have finished taping the show. It’s like our 27th season or something! [laughs] They’re still airing the show.

What was it like on the last day of filming?
Well, I can tell you that our last shooting day was tragic! [laughs] I was sobbing, I had broken down and was convulsing. There was snot running down my nose as I was saying, “I’m going to miss everybody!” It was horribly embarrassing. I still hang out with the cast all the time, though. Miranda is one of my best friends, and so are Nathan and Noah and Jerry. We still see each other so it’s not that bad.

Moving forward from iCarly, what are you looking forward to?
Truly, everything. I’m lucky because I had an amazing time on iCarly, and then I get to go right into something else. I get to continue with the network because it’s something I’m happy to be a part of. It’s really an exciting time and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


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