Jennette McCurdy interviewed by Discovery Girls magazine and reflects from her past

Posted on March 10, 2013


In following magazine article from Discovery Girls (Oct/Nov 2012), Jennette McCurdy is interviewed about what is was like growing up as a tomboy, why it was good to be herself, and how she felt about iCarly ending.

When you were a tween
I was worried about fitting in. I was definitely a tomboy, and that made me feel different from other girls. There was a time when I was taking dance classes. Every girl there was super girly, so I started thinking, “Maybe I need to be a little more like them?” I had a moment when I was wearing this all-pink outfit with big sleeves and this big poufy skirt. I felt so embarassed. It was like I wasn’t in my own skin. It’s so much easier to just be yourself and not worry about what everyone else is. People have to like you for you.

You grew up with three brothers. How was it to be the only girl?
Until I was 11, I wished I had a sister, and then I realized I had a really good position being the youngest and the only girl. I had a lot of people protecting me. My brothers were cool.

Was there anything you got away with that they didn’t?
I won just about every fight I got in with my mother. I would look at her and say, “It was all them.” I’d bat my eyes and she’d be like, “How could you do that to your baby sister?” And then she’d turn away, and I would devilishly smile at them.

You always find the humor in things and don’t seem to take yourself seriously. How did that happen?
I have a saying for this: Comedy at your own expensive is no expense at all. If you take things too seriously, that just sets you up for a disaster. It’s just more fun if you can poke fun at yourself.

Describe yourself off-camera.
Strange. Fun. I’m a good listener and I pay attention to people. A lot of people describe me as the Energizer bunny because I have so much energy.

How do you feel about iCarly ending?
Just as I expected – I feel really sad. The other day we did our first table read for the final episode, and there wasn’t a dry eye. I thought Nathan would be the one to hold it together, but he was crying too. I think that shows how much fun we all had.

What do you hope fans take away from the show?
I hope that they can be themselves. Every kid in iCarly is extreme, odd, obscure, and great in their own way. It’s great for kids to acknowledge that in themselves and bring it out, and not try to transform themselves into somebody they’re not.

What’s next for you, Nathan Kress, and Miranda Cosgrove?
Nathan definitely wants to work in acting, in film and television. Miranda is going off to USC. I’m so proud and excited for her. I’m glad that she’s going to still be close by. And I’m starring in my own show created by Dan Schneider, who made iCarly, Zoey 101, and Drake and Josh.



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