New Jennette McCurdy SoundCloud for the winner of the Facebook contest

Posted on March 5, 2013


Jennette McCurdy posted a new SoundCloud song for the winner of her 4 million like Facebook contest which she asked her fans to come up with the most clever message about french fries. The one who received the most likes would get a dedicated song.

Below is the winning entry by Victoria Boim:

My love for you overcomes my love for french fries because you’re saltier and hotter.

Hey Victoria, you won the contest! You’re so cool you know you really are better than the rest. You said I’m salty and hotter than french fries. I gotta say as soon as I read your comment, I said that’s kind of a lie because french fries make my life, yeah.

French fries, french fries make my life, yeah. But they don’t make my life as much as you do so I gotta say if anyone could win the contest, I’m glad it’s you.

Victoria, you’re really really cool I’m whispering I’m not sure if you could hear me so I’m going to stop this song now.


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