Jennette McCurdy reaches over 4 million likes on her Facebook page

Posted on February 27, 2013


Just before 12:00AM EST, Jennette McCurdy reached the 4 million mark on her official Facebook page on February 26th, 2013. The following is her reaction via Twitter:

4 million on Facebook?! Whaaa? I want to take this moment to humbly say.. Eh who cares about humility right now! We did it, guys! 4 million!

Yep, pretty sure I died and came back to life to tweet this. 4 million on facebook?! Ahhhh!!!!!!

Jennette then posted the following celebratory contest which gives fans a chance to win a personalized song straight from her SoundCloud account:

To celebrate 4 million, here’s a little contest: Comment on this status with something related to french fries! Anything…. be clever and fun! Whoever gets the most likes on their comment will win a soundcloud song personalized to them. :)

Send in your comment on her Facebook page now for a chance to win!

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    u r so beautiful look