Jennette McCurdy hosts a Q&A while getting packed for New York

Posted on February 24, 2013


Jennette McCurdy announced that she will be taking a trip back to New York for press related events and has made plans to see both her brother Marcus McCurdy and Ariana Grande along the way. Jennette tweeted the following which started her Q&A session with her fans:

#saltysaturday q and a time… send me your burning questions and I’ll likely come back with a mediocre answer!

Q: Could you follow me, please? I have no followers and it’s be so cool to say that you were my first follower.
A: i’ll follow you tomorrow. twitter is blocking me from following any more today, because i reached the max

A: sweet, funny guys

Q: What’s the youngest you would date someone?
A: like 7?

Q: how much curds could a mccurdy slurp if a mccurdy could slurp curds?
A: mccurdy can slurp a damn lotta slurpee, if it’s from 7-11

Q: what’s the best gift you could get?
A: something from the heart…. or a lamborghini…

Q: Are you going to the Cirque Du Soleil: Michael Jackson ONE show when it first premieres?
A: i am not sure the exact date i’m going… depends on my work schedule!!

Q: is that your rap pose in your avi?
A: but of course

Q: What’s your favorite food? Favorite dessert?
A: pizza, grilled cheese, sushi, apples, tea and tea sandwiches, red vines, salad. i just said salad to sound healthier. #icecream

Q: What’s your ideal date?
A: tv marathons, movie & dins, cirque du soleil show, going for tea, parks,fun clever things, SURPRISES, live shows, new activities

Q: Do you still ice skate?
A: i went a few weeks ago, just for fun! i hope to go again soon

Q: describe mccurdians in 3 words
A: salty sexy special

Q: hey! would you ever want to guest star on Big Time Rush?
A: sure! those boys are rad

Q: how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
A: probably a hella lot

Q: Who’s your favorite Harry Potter character? Love you
A: ron, fred and george, maybe even hermione

Q: I have strong feelings that today you’re gonna Replid Me!!!!
A: consider yourself replid!

Q: What did you buy at the Disney store?
A: i didn’t get anything, but i wanted to get a princess dress, the 3 stuffed animals i was holding, & a tink phone case!

Q: Did people ever call you curds or like curdles? I know stupid question. I just feel ppl gave u a nickname cuz ur names long
A: miranda does!!

Q: Ahhhh!!! You wrote back!!!! I’m gonna get you all that!!!
A: <3 <3 <3 :D :D :D :) :) :) ;) ;) ;) Q: Who would you like to be gueststar on Sam & Cat? A: well @PrincessRGM and @PrincessSGB guest starred and they were fantastic Q: can I lick some salt off of you! Your getting I a little to salty and I like salt ;) A: lollll Q: Why aren't you tweeting me and @AllAboutMcCurdy heheheh A: sorry! trying to keep up. i love you. k late Q: favorite wu tang song? A: anything off enter the 36 chambers. my friend also made me a mix with a lot of solo stuff. bring the pain, liquid swords. WuWuWuWu Q: I'm so not feeling better. Think I'm sick or something :( Help me curds! A: take some cough drops! Q: Want to go to Olive Garden? I'm craving breadsticks. A: sounds good yo Q: What was the best part of doing iCarly? A: being around that awesome, heart-warming, talented, ass-kicking cast Q: Aw thank u kindly poopy. Can we watch movies that make us cry and eat things we shouldn't eat at the hotel tomorrow night? A: POOP. only if movie 43 is on the queue and sweet potato fries are on the menu!! Q: Jennet. Jenn. Jen. Mccurdy, wohoo. Heyyyy. Hi i love you. lol A: heyyy love u too Q: Once @jennettemccurdy said she liked my nail polish A: once no one said they liked my nail polish Q: So @jennettemccurdy follows me now, but Id absolutely die if @ArianaGrande followed me. A: you really know how to flatter a girl lol Q: Once @jennettemccurdy didn't reply to any of my tweets.... A: once she did Q: what's your favorite horror movie? A: the least scary one! Q: what's it like being perfits? A: what's it like being a carrot/muffincake/prince/cinnamonbear? Q: tell her I'm praying for her everyday. :D I love her, such a strong and brave woman that is Debra McCurdy :) A: i will. she says she loves mccurdians and "boomerang back at all of them", whatever that means... Q: what's better making music, or acting? A: i prefer acting, but i love making music, too! Q: I'm not desperate or anything but NICKNAME PLZ. OMG LOVE YOU. :) A: cherry pie <3 Q: @jennettemccurdy's tweets are the best tbh A: you're the best, tbh Q: can I PLEASE HAVE A NICKNAME<33 A: sugar cupcake Q: It's settled is 3AM and I have not been tweeted by @jennettemccurdy #Goodnight A: #goodnight Q: thoughts on @ZooeyDeschanel? :) A: adore her and pray to her most days Q: You marked part of my life:) A: what part? lol Q: Since u wont make 1 for me, I'll make 1 myself and ask for your confirmation. Do you think BurpleDurple is a good nickname? A: it has to be sweet-related! how about lemon cake? Jennette ended the Salty Saturday Q&A segment right before midnight struck at 11:55PM PST and tweeted the following goodnight message to her fans:

alright you guys, i’m gonna slip into my grinch onesie and call it a night! 300 thread count, here I come!

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