Jennette McCurdy hosts a late night Q&A

Posted on February 19, 2013


Jennette McCurdy hosted a surprise Q&A session before McCurdian Monday ended. She asked her fans to tweet her with the hashtag #McCurdianMonday, which ended up being the top worldwide trending topic. Jennette answered the following questions for the 30 minute session:


Q: what the f*ck is hobbling.
A: look it up, fun little word!

Q: waffles or pancakes?
A: depends on the day, and could they be sweet potato?

Q: Do you love dogs? What is your favorite breed? <3
A: I love dogs! I would love them more if they didn’t poop

Q: Favourite movie of all time?
A: back to the future!

Q: when did you know that you wanted to become and actress? <3
A: after seeing phantom menace in theatres

Q: if you were invisible for a day what would you do
A: spy on everyone I know

Q: favorite 90s nick show? :)
A: Kenan and Kel, all that, Doug, rugrats

Q: mcdonalds or kfc?
A: McDonald’s medium fry and iced coffee. KFC biscuit with honey

Q: what’s your favourite flavored salt?
A: I’m gonna have to go plain. Every day could use a little more salt

Q: favorite icecream flavor?
A: cookies and creammm

Q: What is your favourite song of Demi Lovato? please answer me i love u
A: probably skyscraper, love the message

Q: When did you write Game of Love?! :P That song was Bomb!! Haha love you McCurds!
A: thank you! I wrote it in late December or maybe early January. Glad you like it

Q: Do you ever say “hashtag” in real life?
A: hashtag no

Q: What’s your favorite book in the whole world?
A: candide and Harry potter

Q: Favourite swear word?
A: probably $&@! ;)

Q: favourite song at the moment??
A: Macklemore jimmy iovine or ten thousand hours

Q: what’s your favorite thing to do at Disneyland?
A: space mountain, veggie skewers, Mickey pretzel, Indiana jones, churro, haunted mansion, pirates, big thunder, gumbo, buy toy

Q: what would you do for a Klondike Bar?
A: pay a couple bucks

Q: peanut butter or Nutella?
A: cookie butter!

Q: Facebook or twitter Jen?
A: Facebook, but twitter is super fun too!

Q: what do you think of big time rush? :)
A: love those guys

Q: I loze you!!!! <3
A: I loze you too!!

Q: what’s your fav animal?
A: polar bear!

Q: do you like Pokemon?
A: gotta catch em all

Q: what’s your fav 1d song?
A: kiss you!

Q: Marry me?
A: let’s do it

Q: Do you love me? cause i love you! You’re last fb photo is so gorgeous!
A: thank you so much!

Q: A nickname pleeeease? I feel so rude but I’ve been trying for almost 2 years!
A: CrumpetCake

Q: do you like maroon 5??
A: I’m at a paaaaayphone

Jennette tweeted the following after the Q&A, thanking her fans for helping put #McCurdianMonday at the top worldwide trending spot:



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