Jennette McCurdy hosted a personal online chat for contest winner

Posted on February 13, 2013

Jennette McCurdy hosted a contest earlier asking fans to tweet why they’re excited for Sam and Cat. Whoever received the most RTs would win a one-on-one Skype dinner date with her. On February 11th, Jennette scheduled a chat with @CosgroveMcCurdy and then tweeted that they were chatting together.

Fernanda, the contest winner, shared her once in a lifetime experience and provided videos below of the live chat, including Jennette speaking Portuguese. She expressed what it was like when she finally got to see Jennette via Skype:

When Jennette first appeared on the screen, I really thought that I’d cry like a baby and then got frozen, not being able to say anything. But that didn’t happen! Why? Because Jennette treated me so kindly and friendly that she made me feel totally comfortable talking to her.

They had the opportunity to talk about everything, including several topics such as music, her mother (Debra), Miranda Cosgrove, Brazil, and their personal lives. When Fernanda asked Jennette what is her favorite song of hers to sing, she mentioned she loves to sing both Heart Of A Child and Better. Below are the main topics that were discussed:

Music: Jennette said that she loves various styles of music and lots of different singers: Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and others. She also listen to the music of her best friend: Miranda Cosgrove and she told me that the song that she’s most addicted at the moment is “Impossible – Shontelle”.

Debra: she told me about the cancer story that every McCurdian knows about and about some projects that fans have made for her and that she appreciates them a lot. She talked so sweetly about her mother that I almost hugged the screen

Miranda Cosgrove: she said Miranda is one of her fave people in the world and how much she is important to her. She only said great things about Miranda. Their friendship is my favorite ever

Brazil: She said that loves us, the brazilians fans. She said that we are the most supportive fans and she can’t wait to come to Brazil but she has no idea when.

About my and her life: she said a couple of time that she’d love to meet me and hang out with me (I’m so grateful for it, I got speechless and when she said that)

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