Behind the scenes video of Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande photoshoot

Posted on February 8, 2013

Twist Magazine got to hang out with Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande during a press photoshoots. Below is exclusive video showing their outfits:

Jennette: Hey Twist readers! What’s going down?
Ariana: I’m Ariana.
Jennette: I’m Jennette.
Ariana: And we want to show you what we’re wearing at this photoshoot.
Jennette: Why don’t you give us a little run down of your attire?
Ariana: I’m wearing a white dress with little beige heels and it has this see-thru polka dot
Jennette: Oh.. mesh. I like the necklace too.
Ariana: It has a lot of pins in it because it doesn’t fit me very well.
Jennette: It’s all pinned up! I’m wearing black leather booties that I can’t walk in apparently. These are my favorite parts of my outfit, they’re spike bracelets and like this arrow thing. Then I have these two bling-ey rings, they’re very big. And then I have a little purple dress with a Peter Pan collar and a black denim jacket. I probably said half of those words wrong, I’m not good with calling the right thing. I never get the shapes of dresses.
Ariana (holding Jennette’s spiked bracelets): These are really really dangerous.
Jennette: They are, I could kill somebody.

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