Jennette McCurdy hosts a Q&A after filming Sam and Cat

Posted on February 2, 2013

Jennette McCurdy announced a Q&A session after a long day of filming Sam and Cat.

q and a session! include #askjennette :)

Q: pink or purple?
A: my two fave colors, so both

Q: wanna go out some time?
A: mcdonalds? lez do it

Q: How much do you love your fans?:)
A: so much.. it would be plain weird not to

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, apples, sushi

Q: What foreign language would you like to learn?
A: Japanese!

Q: are you working on any new music
A: – just a little fun page. that’s all for now – i have lots of acting projects i’m focusing on!

Q: where are you right now?
A: my apartment!

A: Cheeseburger, fry, classic coke. mmm mmm good.

Q: Celebrity crush?
A: my crushes are andrew garfield, joseph gordon-levitt, and raphael cruz. yessss.

Q: You feels miss iCarly?
A: i miss icarly so much!

Q: are we gonna party hard when you reach two million followers?
A: YES. i have a really fun contest all ready to go.

Q: what’s ur favourite type of candy?
A: red vines!

Q: what is your favorite movie?
A: back to the future!

Q: katy perry said ‘If someone hurts you, make the bitch pay!’ do you agree? hahah
A: katy perry is brilliant

Q: can you be my babygurl
A: it seems i’m 6 years older than you, but i bet we could make it work

Q: What´s your favourite ice cream?
A: cookies and cream. yours?

Q: WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE SONG? #ASKJENNETTE i just come to say hello
A: right now, “kiss you” one direction, “what a fool believes” the doobie brothers

Q: favourite show right now??
A: just getting into mad men. i also watch homeland, sherlock, and breaking bad

Q: What you think about Victoria Justice?If you working with Victoria?
A: she is awesome!

Q: What do you think of his Brazilian fans?
A: adore them

Q: can u please say hi to me?
A: HI!

Q: Something crazy that you and @MirandaCosgrove do?
A: drive around aimlessly for hours, til 4 in the morning… #fact

Q: What’re your favourite shops at the moment ?
A: Nordstrom, Nike, anthropologie

Q: favorite non-sugary drink :3 ??
A: tea… but with sugar…

Q: What you think about Debby Ryan?
A: she’s so sweet!

Q: Describe your fans in one word?
A: terrific

Q: Hey. How is your mom doing? She’s always in our prayers.
A: thank you so much – i will tell her you said that :)

Q: do u watch cupcake wars ? look! this cupcake i made #askjennette love you
A: looks delish!

A: honeymoon avenue

Q: do you like italian food?

Q: what the color of your nail?? I’m McCurdian of. Brazil , brazil love you
A: i have Chanel vertigo polish on my toes, no polish on my hands!

Q: Are you alright now? You were really upset lately, I hope you’re doing great now! Love you!
A: thanks for your concern, i’m feeling lots better now. had a rough few weeks but onwards and upwards…

Q: Favorite song of Miranda Cosgrove? :)
A: dancing crazy!

Q: favourite song of Justin Bieber?
A: “one less lonely girl” – old school

Q: can i tazer you? you can do it to me afterwards!
A: sounds painful…

Q: look what @opsmccurdy made for you! her barbies love you :)
A: haha amazing!

Q: ill attempt cover my dog in peanut butter if u answer #fact
A: let’s see pics…

Q: What’s your favorite juice?
A: apple, but orange on some days

#AskJennette which was the top worldwide trend. Below is a screenshot along with her tweet of the trends from Jennette McCurdy:

That’s right, snitches, we trending!


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  1. “That’s right, snitches, we trending!”

    Ha, love her. Let’s just say that’s a “cleaner” way of saying it! :)

  2. Would you ever come to the uk

  3. Of all of the songs you wrote which one is your most favorite song?