Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande in the latest M Magazine article

Posted on January 26, 2013

M Magazine recently spent some time hanging out with Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande during their trip to Vancouver, Canada for the filming of the upcoming Nickelodeon movie, Swindle. Below is the double page article about their time on a ferry, taking photos, and making friends with a dolphin.

It’s hard to explain the excitement everyone here a M felt when we were invited to fly out to Vancouver, Canada to share a BFF day with Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy – the girls had a day off from filming their upcoming flick Swindle, and wanted to take in the sights! Bundled up in their winter gear (Ari in a classic red peacoat, Jennette in a black puffer), J and A had a water-themed day planned for us – a must for any trip to Vancouver. First ,we hoppped on a ferry boat ride around Granville Island, one of the most popular spots in the city. After breaking for lunch, we continued on our aquatic adventure at the Vancouver Aquarium where we were treated to a behind-the-scenes tour AND a once-in-a-lifetime dolphin encounter. The girls got to be face-to-face with a super-sweet dolphin named Hannah who did so many cool tricks! When it was sadly time to go home, Jennette said what was on everyone’s minds, “Today was such a blast!” Yep, greatest day ever!

All aboard, girls!
Jennette and Ariana were all smiles when the cute ferry first pulled up! “It’s so pretty” Ariana said when she saw the bright rainbow pattern on the boat.

The best photographer ever
As soon as we boarded the boat, the ladies posed for some selfies – and they couldn’t keep a straight face! “We’re always making each other laugh,” Ari shared. This one’s worth a thousand words!

Jennette behind the wheel
While we were on the ferry, Jennette (or should we say Captain McCurdy?) hopped behind the controls and fake-steered the boat while Ari “searched for land” – LOL!

Strike a pose
When we walked into the squarium, the girls spotted the sea otter sign. “Let’s do our best impressions of them,” Jennette laughed. The resemblance is pretty fishy, ladies.

Dolphinstagram time
The second the dolphins came out, Ariana couldn’t hide her excitement, “I love dolphins so much,” she exclaimed. “Jennette, we have to take six million pics,” And they did, obvi!

Flips ‘n’ tricks
Jennette made fast friends with Hannah The Dolphin and watched her perform some amazing flips in the air! “What a sweet girl,” she said about her newest bud.

Friend for life
By the end of our dolphin experience, it was safe to say the girls made a new aquatic bestie. “I wanted to give her a huge kiss,” Ari said. AWw she def loved you, too!

M hangs out with Jennette and Ariana
After spending the day with Jennette and Ariana, M editor Jen felt like the girls were old friends. And she even got sweet compliments! “I’m obsessed with your headband,” Jennette gushed. Too cute!

Below are the articles graciously provided by Karen.

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