New magazine articles with Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande

Posted on January 18, 2013

Below are the scans of J14 and BOP magazine showing Jennette McCurdy with her friend, Ariana Grande. In the following J14 exclusive article, they spent the day making cupcakes at Cupcakes by Heather & Lori in Vancouver. Jennette’s color of choice for the cupcakes was blue icing as it matched her sweater and completed it with blue cotton candy sprinkles.

Jennette mentioned one of the many moments they spend together.

Ariana and I [like to] convert rap songs into 1940s swing songs.

During the cupcake process, both Jennette and Ariana took photos of their creations. Jennette gave some advice for taking the perfect selfie:

Take a bunch so you know what looks good on you

She also has solid advice for overcoming shyness in the following BOP article of Jennette & Ariana Confessions:

“When I was little, I was really shy. I always turned my head if a camera was around. But I told my mother I’d do whatever it took to be an actor!”

Jennette McCurdy definitely knows how to make people laugh – she’s one of the funniest stars we know! Can you beieve she used to be super shy? She spilled all to BOP about her life before fame!

Growing up in Garden Grove, California, Jennette was a normal girl with dreams of becoming a famous actress. But there was one thing she had to overcome: her shyness! “I was really shy, but I told my mom I was going to do whatever it took to make it,” she tells BOP. “I used to get so nervous during my first auditions, I’d almost throw up! But I kept pushing and finally learned to calm my nerves.”

Performing onstage or auditioning for a play can be scary. If you get nervous, take Jennette’s no-fail advice: “Before a performance, yawn!” she smiles. “It relaxes your face and stretches your jaw. Sometimes I dance before auditions, too. It works!” Great advice, Jennette!

Jennette has all the answers, she provided the following answer to a question sent in by a fan:

Q: Hi Jennette! I wear shorts during gym class, and recently a bunch of girls in the locker room started making fun of me because I have hair on my legs. I’m too shy to talk to my mom about it, but what should I do? I feel like I’m the only one of my friends who doesn’t shave yet. Can you help?

A: This happened to me, too! Before I started shaving, someone I thought was my friend made so much fun of me for not doing it. I had light blonde hair on my legs, so I didn’t think it was really necessary. But when she made fun of me, it really crushed me and hurt my feelings. Try not to get upset – it’s totally normal not to shave until you’re older.

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  1. Bailey clark says:

    I love you jennette mccurdy and ariana grande

  2. Hi, Jennette McCurdy. My name is Darrell, and i love you and Ariana Grande. I am so glad that you and ariana are bff’s and i loved the pictures of you and ariana making cupcakes. Jennette, i love you. And i mean that from the bottom of my heart. And i love Ariana Grande too. So can you please write me back when you get this message? Thanks.