Jennette McCurdy hosts a spontaneous Q&A from Vegas

Posted on January 17, 2013

Jennette McCurdy wanted to answer questions from her fans while she revisits Las Vegas.

Q and a time? Sounds fun, right? Send your q’s now

Q: How fun was it being on iCarly?
A: very

Q: who’s your best friend?
A: Miranda. Also my friends Allison and tanner and Smithers

Q: Do you prefer chicken nuggets in dinosaur or random shape form?
A: dinosaurs. Only chance get to eat em, know what I mean?

Q: If you were a pokemon which one would you be?
A: Zaptos or mewtew

Q: who’s your celebrity crush?
A: Benedict cumberbatch

Q: Your name rhymes with clarinet! What’s up with that?
A: it kinda does – I should play

Q: favorite hobby? :)
A: writing, making music for fun, watching tv, seeing movies, working out

Q: do you still like apples?
A: love them

Q: What is the first thing that you notice in a guy?
A: eyes, demeanor, way of talking

Q: says hi to me?
A: hi lovely

Q: I’m sleepy, but I’m staying here to see if you will answer me ;) I love you sweet <3
A: hi

Q: What size shoe do you wear?
A: shoe size 7.5

Q: Summer or winter?
A: winter allll the way

Q: did you know that I think you’re funny when you get the punch line wrong?
A: are you saying I got the punchline wrong?

Q: You ever tried to be normal?
A: I am my own normal

Q: which is your favorite cirque de soulie show?
A: iris, then mystere and zarkana

Q: Why you never see my tweets? I do not understand! :c Please say “I love you” to me? :3
A: I see you

Q: In what school did you study for professional liar?
A: UL, duh

Q: last movie you’ve watched?
A: fight club

Q: do u love your fans?
A: of course

Q: what advice can u give to someone who is angry all the time, not happy and negative about life?
A: cheer up, Charlie! Go watch willy wonky and the chocolate factory

Q: what’s your favorite show??
A: i’m currently watching homeland and girls. my favorite shows ever are SNL, arrested development, sherlock, and friends

Q: i heard sherlock is good.. do you recommend me to watch it? :)
A: most definitely! benedict cumberbatch and martin freeman are glorious together

A: LOVE! aren’t they the coziest?

Q: Do you still have your teddy bear, Norm?
A: of course! only meanies dispose of teddy bears

Q: you sing like an angel
A: wait’ll ya see me walk on water! hahah

Q: do you like nutella?:D
A: it’s so good. have you tried cookie butter?

Q: cupcake or ice cream?
A: ice cream

Q: Hi jennette, how was your day today?
A: fantastic, how was yours?

Q: my friend @liarjennette was sleeping sad because you’re not following her anymore! Can you refollow her?
A: yikes! don’t know how that happened!

Q: HOLY CREPES! Did my eyes just deceive my? @jennettemccurdy followed me? If so, thank u SO much Jen 4 following
A: you’re welcome babe

Q: Almost two million? I remember when you broke 200K, haha.
A: thanks for the long-time support :)

Q: kudos to everyone you noticed girlfriend.
A: :D

Q: if you had to choose a different color for your eyes what would be? (Red) (purple) (yellow) (gray) or (orange)
A: definitely purple

Q: i wanna see my first cirque show with you, just to make my cirque experience feel right.
A: what state do you live in?

Q: My disabled brother is jumping around hoping that you see his drawing, he’s so cute!!
A: you had me at disabled. i adore the picture :) please thank your bro!

Q: hi do you think my burrito is sexy this is a serious question
A: so hot

Q: I’m glad @jennettemccurdy is making everyone happy… I’ll just sit here and sleep
A: and not be happy?

Q: have u been to @MirandaCosgrove’s new house???
A: yes a bunch!!

Q: Would you like to visit PerĂº? I love you so much! my dream is to meet you, love you idol!
A: yeah!

Q: More selfies with @jennettemccurdy’s fanbook :) only 6 more pages till its done!!
A: love love love this. you look gorgeous btw

Q: seeing @jennettemccurdy in my replies after two years is so breathtaking, seriously my heart is beating so fast <3 thanks for being u girl A: thanks for sticking around. :) Q: for me it's three years now. A: yikes! seriously? happy 3 year anniversary :) Q: When's the next time you're going to see Ari? A: hopefully soon!! next week i'm sure Q: I'm jealous that you get to see cirque, I've lived here most of my life and I haven't seen it live, only online. A: we'll have to see a cirque show together sometime, then Q: don't you just love Leonardo DiCaprio? A: of course, there's no one who can wear a waistcoat like Leo Q: please follow me!<3 much love to you<33 A: followed you Q: you have a beautiful voice, always natural, devoid of unnecessary and extra musical pitches! You're a complete artist. A: appreciate that

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