Jennette McCurdy hosts a surprise Q&A

Posted on January 5, 2013

On January 4th, Jennette McCurdy hosted her first Q&A for 2013 which lasted for approximately an hour. Below are the questions that she picked to answer:

Q: any plans since iCarly ended? :)
A: spinoff – Sam and Cat! So pumped

Q: do you love to read books? what’s the best read you can recommend for me?
A: I love candide and the Harry potter series!

Q: I love you, do you marry me? :)
A: lets do it! Lol

Q: you really sent a dm talking about Colton? we need to know :(
A: I did! We used to be really good friends, I just feel exploited by him as of late and he’s been using me a bit :/ a shame

Q: My crazy Jennette <3 you're favorite song? love me? you're likes chileans? A: I'm super into I'm not a robot by marina and the diamonds Q: So now that you kicked CapNash's ass, when are you going to do a nEW YOUTUBE COVER THAT YOU PROMISED AT 1.5 MILLION? A: I have some ideas up my sleeve ;) Q: Have you thought about being a model? A: aww thanks. Pretty sure my height of 5'2" isn't gonna cut it Q: do u like 1D??:D A: yah! Q: what the best christmas present u received??? A: this year I got a tauntaun sleeping bag, a necklace from Tiffany's, and a bunch of cirque du soleil merchandise :)!! Q: do you like my ball dress? :) I’ve always wanted to feel as beautiful as you look
A: you look so beautiful

Q: Han Solo vs. Marty McFly. WHO WILL WIN?!
A: whoa now, that is a battle I would like to witness…

Q: when a man hurts my heart what I should do?
A: forget him.

Q: Miranda Cosgrove describes, in a word. :)
A: fabulous

Q: what do you order at pf changs
A: I’ve tried so many things on that menu. My favorites are crispy honey chicken and their chicken salad

Q: Do you like salty french fries Jennette?
A: love

Q: What’s your favorite word?
A: whimsical, charming, magical, fabulous

Q: which social network do you most prefer?
A: currently Facebook!

Q: I’ll go to cirque du soleil for the first time in March, am I gonna like it?
A: omg I haven’t seen dralion!! Tell me how it is!

Q: Don’t you just wish every McCurdian in the world could meet you?
A: I wish I could meet them!


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  1. Who’s Colton and what dm are they talking about?