Jennette McCurdy makes a surprise appearance at McCurdicon

Posted on December 18, 2012

December 15th, 2012 was an incredible experience for every fan who was part of McCurdicon both of whom were physically present at the Los Angeles Convention Center and those who joined via uStream (which received well over 6,000 views).

Fans traveled from all over to be part of the first and only Jennette McCurdy convention, as far as Singapore and Australia. As a special treat for everyone’s travels, Jennette McCurdy surprised everyone when she arrived at McCurdicon! Fans were overwhelmed by her appearance and gathered around her to take photos and have autographs signed.

To kick off the convention, the following collab video was made and shown for Jennette McCurdy by her McCurdians (which at the end Jennette herself commented that it was beautiful):

During the keynote presentations, brand new exclusive updates were shared with the fans. The updates included sneak previews of the next version of Jennapp for both iPhone and Android, new site designs for and, a collaborative web portal for Sam and Cat called Sam and Cat Central. The biggest announcement by far was the official announcement of the new which will be available in early 2013.

During the intermissions, fans had opportunities to take more photos with Jennette, get additional autographs signed, and some even got to talk one-on-one with Jennette.

Prizes were also handed out during the convention which included props straight from the iCarly set and handcrafted pieces from Dre Swain for the following iCarly related games: “Guess that episode” and “iCarly trivia“, costume contest, best Sam Puckett impression, and singing/random dance contest.

Jennette had also prepared a speech specifically for McCurdicon where she thanked everyone for their loyal and constant support:

Hello McCurdians, Yay!

So I can’t believe I’m sitting in my apartment writing this quote unquote speech for a convention that is being held in my honor. I’m not sure if that sentence was a humble brag or just a brag, but either way I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was beyond flattered, honored and giddy. The entertainment industry is a difficult one as I’m sure you all know, the stakes are high, the pressure’s on and it’s a constant game. While I love the business, and I plan to be a part of it for as long as I can manage, it is sometimes a strain in a big way. There are a hundreds of things to get discouraged about. There are frustrations right and left, there are disappointments, hurdles, etc. It’s a career path of variables that are ever changing. Yet even though it’s a crazy business of instability, there is one thing I know I’ll always have: my fans. Yay again.

When I meet the fans of iCarly or fans of Sam Puckett, I find that they are sweet, they’re nice, they’re friendly I totally love them. But then when I meet true McCurdians, it is a completely heightened situation. I find that McCurdians are some of the kindest, smartest, most good natured, friendliest, funniest people around. Yayee!

You guys are loyal and supportive beyond anything that I’ve ever seen. You’re creative, clever, witty and salty. You are constantly striving to be better. You’re an inspiration to me and I respect and admire you all immensely. You guys here today are my top McCurdians. It’s like there’s a tier and you guys are like at the top. And you guys are my most loyal and fervent supporters. The fans are here for me through thick and thin; who support me through everything; who give your time and energy daily to be a part of this wonderful McCurdian family. I want to thank you guys for being the leaders and the tastemakers of the fanbase; the most tried and true bunch of the team. Trust is something earned with a great deal of work and commitment and let me tell you, you’ve earned mine. Other fanbases I know are excellent. The fans are powerful, energetic, excited, loud… however, most fanbases wane as time goes on. New faces come along and public opinion quickly forms so the fans just go along with it. They are quick to forget the ties of a past fanbase. But not McCurdians!

You guys stuck with me for years and I hope and trust that you will stick with me and each other for years to come.

After her speech, Jennette hosted a live Q&A session with the audience with the following:

I will now open the floor to questions since I look a lot like Barack Obama. So if you guys have questions, I’m going to awkwardly answer them on stage

Please note the following transcript of her Q&A is based on low audio from the live stream and therefore not 100% accurate

Q: [Are you going to post any Youtube videos like cover songs?]

A: Do you guys want more Youtube videos? I never know if when you’ve reached sort of a max of social media network. I’m completely fan driven so if you guys want more pictures then I send more pictures. I do get a lot of questions asking for covers. To be honest, I was waiting until I was out of the Capitol deal so that everything can be contractually ok. But now that I’m out of it, I can do any cover. If you have any ideas, send them to me.

Q: Are you eventually going to be doing a Christmas album?
A: I’d love to do a Christmas album. I love Christmas songs. I was thinking of doing a cover of “This Christmas” cause I love that song for this year just for fun.

Q: How do you deal with celebrity expectations?
A: You are who you are. I think it’s best to stay true to yourself and try not to let expectations get to you. But at the same time I do recognize I have people and a lot of young people looking up to me so I think that it can actually help me in my daily decisions because sometimes I’ll think: “would my fans approve of this?” It makes me very cautious and I try to live my life for them to some degree.

Q: [How did you first become involved in St Jude?]
A: I first became involved in St Jude since 2009. I visited the hospital for an event called Country Cares where they have a lot of country artists go to the hospital and some do arts and crafts with some of the patients and talk to them and hold a craft fair. I was really impressed when I first got there to find out more about the hospital because I’d seen the commercials and I heard about it, so I knew that they helped kids and knew what their target was and everything. When I went there and started asking questions I found out that no patient has to pay any money for their treatments. Also their whole family gets lodging and food and everything at a target house, that is a mile near St Jude. They don’t turn any child away because their illness is too difficult to treat or because they don’t necessarily know the treatment because it’s so rare. They treat anybody who is submitted to them. Obviously there is a higher demand so it’s difficult and they have to turn some people away based on the rooms available. If they have a room available, you’re going to get treated. Beyond that, just the environment of the hospital, seeing the way the nurses interacted with the patients and that the kids who were eating at the same cafeteria as the doctors. The doctors would be like “Hey Billy, how are you doing today?” They know their patients by name. I was really impressed by that camaraderie in a hospital and I know being in and out of hospitals with my mom, that’s not always going to be the case. As soon as I saw that about St Jude in person made me really want to be a part of it further and when I talked to some of the people in charge there and they asked me to be an official partner with them, I was so excited. I got to be a partner with St Jude last year and I’m going back to the hospital again sometime in January before I start back with Sam and Cat. Yay St Jude! Also thank you guys because you have donated to St Jude. Everything from today benefits St Jude.

Q: How is your mom?
A: So I have three older brothers, my dad, my mom, and my grandparents. My mom is doing well. I saw her right before I went to Cirque week, which was like a week and a half ago. I’ll be seeing her again on Monday. I went to a cancer support group with her which was interesting for me, one of my brothers went to it with her before and it was sort of a new experience because her doctor was leading the group so I got to sort of ask questions on what I was curious about so that was interactive and new. She’s as strong as she ever is. She has a great attitude, you guys should know her and she’s fighting, she’s strong. She just switched to a new chemo, it’s her 18th one she’s had in her whole life so that’s a lot. She’s the strongest person I know so if there’s anybody who can kick cancer’s butt, it’s her.

Q: Favorite ride at the amusement park?
A: I love the ride Space Mountain. I love xD at Six Flags and I love the Nickelodeon theme park rides at Mall of America.

Q: What are your plans for Christmas?
A: I’m hosting my family so my oldest brother Marcus and my sister-in-law Elizabeth are coming to stay with me in my apartment for a week and a half. My family is coming up to my apartment to celebrate there as well because they all live in Orange County is like tinier than my apartment and my apartment is small.

Q: What do you think will happen to Sam and Cat?
A: Well, we got picked up for 20 episodes so that’s good. Oh! Geez. Dan just texted me so I can’t say anything. So we did our pilot and I know what the next 3 episodes are going to be and they’re really fun. I loved Laverne and Shirley growing up and it totally reminds me of that just with younger girls and hopefully a better theme song.

Q: [Do you have any new characters in the show (Sam and Cat)?]
A: Yeah we do. We don’t know all the series regulars that are set in stone yet, like we might get more as time goes on, like you know Gibby was made a regular in the iCarly second season or third season. Fourth? Fourth! I don’t know. There’s a little boy named Cameron who is 13 years old. He’s adorable and reminds me so much like a little Freddie. He delivers his line so much like Nathan delivered his lines in the beginning. He’s so sweet. And there’s a woman named Marie who plays Cat’s grandmother and she is hilarious. She’s like one of those old fashion actresses who comes along going “hello everybody” and kept telling me how to do my lines and I’m like: “I got this. 5 years of iCarly” and she’s like “I was on I Love Lucy” and I was like “Sorry!”. Yeah she’s been on like every major show of all time like from the beginning. She’s done guest spots on everything, she’s incredibly experienced and she walks on set with that air of “I’m an actress” like from classic times.

Q: What’s your favorite movie?
A: My favorite movie is Back to the Future!

Q: Do you ship Bade?
A: What’s Bade? [Beck and Jade] Oh! Yeah. Avan and Liz, so yeah.

Q: What’s your favorite song right now?
A: My favorite song right now is Speechless by Lady Gaga. I absolutely love it. I don’t know what it is but I’ve been listening to it like 48 thousand times. I’m speechless about it, I am.

Q: I can’t travel and I was hoping to be there or notice me sing the iCarly ultimate theme, DanWarp watched it.
A: Using Dan against me.

Q: How are you going to spend your holiday?
A: I just answered that!

Q: [How was it filming Swindle?]
A: Swindle! So I spent a month and a half in Vancouver, Canada shooting Swindle. It’s me and Noah Crawford from “How to Rock” and Chris O’Neal from “How to Rock” and Noah Munck and Ariana Grande and Ciara Bravo from Big Time Rush so there’s six of us. The movie is about this boy who is trying to sell his dad’s baseball card that’s worth two million dollars and he has to get help from his friends to try and catch this guy who swindled him out of all that money. We just have a billion things go wrong and a lot of trouble ensues. It was so much fun, we all stayed at the same hotel and we were all connected near each other in the hotel. Ariana and I were right next door and every night we’d do pranks and like knock on people’s doors and just be weird. Also Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter was in the hotel at the same time so I got hot chocolate with him one night with him. It was pretty cool.

Q: [There was a game you were playing.. what is that?]
A: Resistance? Resistance is so fun! So I would just like to clear this up. I was the one who introduced all of those Swindle cats to Resistance. Jerry Trainor introduced it to the iCarly cast. It’s just a really fun card game, I’m sure you can get the info online. It’s a strategy game where it’s based on lying. Everybody has to convince each other that they’re part of the good team and you’re basically practicing deceit. It’s actually really fun because Noah Munck sucks at it and he’s such a good actor but he’s like “I’m Resistance! I’m such a good guy!” It’s so unnatural so he’s the easiest one to spot. It’s a very fun game to see who is lying.

Q: What are your favorite hobbies?
A: My favorite hobbies… I love going to the movie theater. I love it, there’s nothing better because it makes me so happy. Going to Cirque Du Soleil shows. I love working out but admittedly I haven’t been going to the gym but it’s fun. I go through phases of hobbies, like I’d be obsessed with one and I literally like breathe it. Figure skating had its time and it was fun. I like shopping too, that’s fun.

Q: What’s your favorite outfit?
A: My favorite outfit that I’ve worn.. I wore this dress to the American Music Awards in 2010 and it was pink and it had a little black ribbon around it. It was cute, I liked it. I like going to those events because I never get to wear, well I get to wear cute clothes as Sam, but they’re not stereotypical cute, like bell-bottoms and striped shirts. In other words, I wear the same thing for 6 years so it’s always fun to wear different stuff for events. Try other stuff out.

Q: Have you ever shot a bow before?
A: I have! I went to an archery class in Century City and the first time I went they were out of slots and they’re like come back next week, better luck next time. So then I went back to the next week. Are you going to teach me? Can I pretend like I’m the person in Brave? The redhead.

Q: 3 words that describe Miranda
A: Oh! Three words that describe Miranda. Miranda I think is watching, better make it good. Hilarious. Endearing. Observant. She is so funny like whenever we go places she has this thing like her inner commentary, it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

Jennette also got a chance to shoot arrows after her Q&A session with the help of John Jackson at ArcheryTag who traveled specifically for the event.

Fanmail was also given out to Jennette from fans who weren’t able to attend McCurdicon:

During the entire event, Jennette made sure to regularly check in with her viewers on the livestream chat so that nobody was left out.

Jennette even commented about Gangnam style and gave a quick shoutout to fans from Brazil:

Below are some of the many photos that were taken during the event. Over 600 photos can be viewed in the McCurdicon album at the JustJennette gallery:

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