Jennette McCurdy hosts Cirque Du Soleil livestream

Posted on December 8, 2012

Jennette McCurdy hosted Cirque Du Soleil’s live stream event on Friday, December 7th at 3pm PST/6pm EST. To start off, Jennette introduced the upcoming Cirque Du Soleil 3D movie: Worlds Away, which she saw during the first screening during Cirque Week. The movie will give opportunity for anyone to dive into the world of Cirque Du Soleil when they cannot attend the shows. During the livestream, Jennette McCurdy covered behind the scenes of the shows of Mystère, KÀ, and Believe. She also introduced, for the first time, what it looks like for performers to go through their stunts with the aid of a POV camera. When Jennette went backstage of Mystère, she found out how difficult it is to keep in sync with the heavy drumsticks that are used in the show. She even got a chance to practice her bounce, flip, and use the trapèze in the bungee training room, which resulted in her becoming exhausted the following morning.

Performing in a Cirque show requires grace, passion, and an incredible athleticism

When she visited backstage of KÀ, she got an in-depth tour of how makeup is applied by performers and how much and how the wardrobe is made. She got a first-hand experience at getting the entire makeup process to become an empress. Below is her reaction:

You know what’s crazy? None of this hurt, even the slightest bit. None of the fake eye lashes, or the brush, anything, it was all.. clouds. Clouds on the face.

Jennette even got to sit down and interview with Criss Angel in his dressing room.

Jennette: You just celebrated your 4th anniversary of your show Believe here at Luxor, can you tell me what that’s like and how the show has changed and evolved from what it initially started to what it is now.

Criss: It’s an amazing honor to be able to do four years of what I love and to have it turn into, since we opened up, the number one selling magic show in the world. It just blows my mind. I take it very seriously, I never have missed a show. We literally give 110% every performance and am very grateful to the people who come see our show especially in this economy they are choosing one show, and they are choosing Believe here at the Luxor. I want to give them the best experience that magic can possibly provide. It features the most spectacular illusions ever performed (over 40 of them). It’s funny, it’s dangerous, it’s exciting, it’s scary. There’s magic that’s happening in front of you, above you, around you and you never know what you’re going to expect. Cirque Du Soleil, Luxor, MGM.. when they do something, they do it on a whole ‘nother level. We were able to create illusions, original pieces of art that are featured in this theater that aren’t featured anywhere else in the world. They could never even pull them off because of what’s involved behind the scenes to bring these illusions to fruition.

Jennette: What is it that you hope people take away from Believe. When they leave, what do you want them saying and feeling?

Criss: I want them to feel the sense of empowerment. I want them to feel that they can go out in the world and conquer whatever their dream is, because when you believe in yourself and when the mind body and spirit works together, anything is truly possible. That’s why I think we’ve had so much success with Believe and my television series because my whole message is positive: to live your life to its fullest and live your dream.

Check out the full livestream and photos below from the event provided by Cirque Du Soleil:

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