Jennette McCurdy talks about working with Ariana Grande

Posted on December 4, 2012

BOP Magazine recently interviewed both Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande to get a look inside their recent hangouts and asked what it’s like to work closely together as friends. The following photo is the article from BOP Magazine provided by Karen.

Jennette McCurdy said the following about Ariana Grande:

Ariana is so crazy. She cracks me up, and we have SO much fun working and hanging out together. We love shopping, going to see movies and having board game nights. It’s a blast! Ariana gives me tips on dating and helps put together my date outfits. It’s great! I love having her as a friend.

When asked about meeting Jennette McCurdy for the first time, Ariana Grande said the following:

We clicked right away. Jennette is the sweetest girl I know and has everything good in her heart. It’s very hard to trust someone in this industry, and I really like her! We stay up until 5 a.m. and talk about everything, like boys.

Both commented on how much fun it is to hang out together:

We do this funny thing where we take a rap song and turn it into an opera or 1940s-style song. It’s SO funny. We really love making up our own dance routines as well!


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  1. princehbk12 says:

    Love U Jennette n Ariana ♥ ♥ ♥
    can’t wait for sam and cat to begin

  2. Ariand and janett ur both my idol I luv u and I wish all my life I could meat u both love u xoxox btw please add me on face book my name is kia O’x stones thanks xoxoxo

  3. I can’t wait till Sam n Cat begins:-) do u know which date in June it will be on.
    I can’t Wait it will be so good! I’m sure of it.