Jennette McCurdy hosts Q&A with fans in honor of iCarly’s final episode

Posted on November 25, 2012

Jennette McCurdy hosted a Q&A with fans on Sunday, November 25, 2012 as a special treat for iCarly fans who have supported the show since the beginning. Questions were only answered if they were about iCarly as Jennette tweeted the following:

In honor of #iGoodbye, I’m doing a q&a right now! I’ll be answering only iCarly-related questions. Send them now!

Q: Out of all the guest stars you had, who was your favorite to work with?
A: Jimmy Fallon! He’s awesome.

Q: are u happy with the way it ended?
A: I thought the finale was fantastic. shot a pilot for my spin-off, Sam and Cat! And shot a nick movie called Swindle. Very exciting

Q: If you have to choose… Seddie or Creddie?
A: Creddie. Seddie makes no sense to me.

Q: Did you really drink smoothies at the groovy smoothie!
A: they were always filled with this berry naked juice stuff. it was decent. emphasis on the “decent”.

Q: Did you save any props from #iCarly? Which?
A: no but now that i see this iGoodbye sweepstakes being advertised, I’m definitely entering.

Q: are you as mean as Sam in real life?
A: you tell me

Q: has playing Sam taught u valuable things!?
A: it’s taught me how to pick locks, beat people up, and de-bone a chicken wing in 3.5 seconds

Q: what was your favorite skit you did on iCarly? Ex: the cowboy & the idiot farm girl?(:
A: cowboy and idiot farm girl!

Q: did you ever use the buttersock on set? :)
A: yes, and off-set on the weekends ;)

Q: Which season do you like Sam’s style the most?
A: good question since it changed so much. probably first now that I look back!

Q: What part of the episode you cried much?
A: “I’l ride down with ya.” literally couldn’t get through the line

Q: Favorite thing to do with @ArianaGrande?
A: break hearts and make lemon curd

Q: What was your reaction when you found out you got the part of Sam?
A: i was at an art supply warehouse. i screamed and did cartwheels in the isle, then went to a celebration dinner at pat and oscars.

Q: Favorte thing to do with @MirandaCosgrove?
A: anything! sleepovers, movies, youtube videos, drive around aimlessly

Q: are u and @nathankress best friends?
A: we are buds, but I’ve only seen him once since we wrapped the show 5 months ago!

Q: did everyone cry while filming iGoodbye?
A: so much.

Q: How many episodes are there of iCarly?
A: 110 or so?

Q: Can you relate to Carly or Sam?
A: both!

Q: is Sam a heartbreaker?
A: Oh yeah. i learn tricks from her.

Q: Are you and your character, Sam, alike in any way?
A: many ways! but different in lots of ways too, which makes sam so fun for me to play

Q: As you imagine a meeting between Sam and @taylorswift13 ?
A: “my mom dated your ex boyfriend.” taylor: tunes guitar. starts writing next hit.

Q: what is your best memory of iCarly? Type, a scene
A: scene 437. lol only kidding, i have no idea what that scene would be…

Q: Are my tweets salty?
A: as a pretzel

Q: did you actually try ‘spagetti tacos’? I’d so, how do they taste?
A: spaghetti tacos are actually amazing. i highly recommend you try them.

Q: could you describe sam in two words? #askjennette (love you)
A: feisty, witty

Q: What iCarly mean to you?I Love You my queen
A: it means so much. experienced more in these past 6 years than i could dream of.

Q: if u could cast anyone to play socko who would you cast
A: had to answer this one.. will ferrell

After spending 40 minutes answering questions, she tweeted a special thank you message to her fans:

Thank you guys for all the good q’s. I had fun answering them! And thank you to infinity for the support you’ve shown for the past 6 years.


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  1. My tweet is: As you imagine a meeting between Sam and @taylorswift13 ?
    I was so glad that she reply me
    I’m from Brazil and your tumblr is amazing!
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