Jennette McCurdy live video chats about the last episode of iCarly

Posted on November 23, 2012

Jennette McCurdy was interviewed by Yvonne Villarreal from LA Times Entertainment to talk about the final episode of iCarly: iGoodbye which premieres tonight, November 23rd at 8/7c, check out the video below for the full interview provided by LA Times:

Jennette: 2012, exciting you can live chat and talk to people from computers.

Yvonne: Hey guys my name’s Yvonne, I’m a reporter with the LA Times covering TV. Today we’re chatting with Jennette McCurdy, one of the stars of iCarly. Today is an especially sad day for Jennette because it’s the last iCarly episode airing tonight. Jennette, thanks for being with us!

Jennette: Thank you for having me! I’m excited even though, as you said, it’s a sad day for me.

Yvonne: And how was your Thanksgiving?

Jennette: It was so good! I’m actually in my apartment right now and I spent it here, my whole family came up. Well my two brothers and my grandparents and my parents. My mom cooked this huge Thanksgiving dinner and I was actually in the Macy’s parade in the morning so that was really fun! And then I just took a plane back home and made it home in time for Thanksgiving.

Yvonne: I don’t know if Nickelodeon told you this but this is actually your new spinoff. It’s going to be me and you on Google Hangouts and every week reading our favorite LA Times headlines.

Jennette: That’s awesome! I love that! What’s it going to be called?

Yvonne: I don’t know, what should we call it?

Jennette: We should call it: “Reading Headlines”

Yvonne: “iReading Headlines” or just “Reading Headlines”?

Jennette: iReading Headlines

Yvonne: Well you guys wrapped in June, right? So it’s been a while but the season was playing out so it probably totally didn’t hit you yet. What will you feel like tomorrow?

Jennette: The reason why it started hitting me more definitely during our final week of production it was brutal and everybody in the cast was crying and the crew and we’d sort of look at each other like solemn, knowing look because it was our last time working on iCarly together. Now it has become real because kids keep coming up to me and teenagers and college students who watched it since they were starting highschool and they almost start crying saying that a part of my childhood is gone and they give me a hug and say thank you so much for being a part of something that was such a part of my life. You can’t hear that and not become more sad so… oh my goodness. It makes you sad.

Yvonne: Don’t cry this is a happy place. What can we expect from the final episode? Carly’s father comes back and what else are we going to see?

Jennette: You see a lot of characters you’ve known over the course of the entire show, a lot of people make reappearances in this episode. The side story of course we know Carly’s dad is coming home but Sam and Spencer are refurbishing an old motorcycle from the 60s. It’s actually cool. I loved that I got to do scenes that were just Jerry and I in the final episode because we haven’t done scenes with just the two of us for quite some time. The final episode is sad because it’s hilarious but there are some scenes that really really tug at the old heartstrings. They didn’t just try and make it this fun time, you’ll definitely feel the significance of it ending and you’ll feel like you’ll be made well aware of how everybody in the cast feels about it ending. In other words, lots of tears.

Yvonne: You guys were singing Phantom of the Opera while I was there.

Jennette: (singing) We can sing it all together.

Yvonne: I can’t sing! This is not iCarly! I can’t do that. I don’t know how, I’m sorry. Over the five years do you have a favorite episode or even a webisode from the show within the show?

Jennette: Yeah my favorite webishode.. webishode? I’m just combining it all. My favorite webisode for sure is the Cowboy and the Idiot Farmgirl who thought the Cowboy’s mustache was a squirrel, I think it’s called? It’s a long name. That’s my favorite webisode and my favorite episode is.. I really like iGo to Japan which is like a TV movie thing. I liked iTwins since I got to play as Sam’s twin. I liked iMake Sam Girlier, see as an actor you probably always say the ones you got to do a lot of cool stuff. Like Nathan’s favorite episode would probably be iFreddie goes to something, you know? Your favorite episode is in the name of the title, I don’t know it’s just an actor thing. I also like an episode called iPie which is a completely random obscure one just because I feel like everybody got great jokes in it. We were all in a lot of scenes together so it wasn’t like a nation divided where some of us were in the A story and some of us were in the B story, so I loved that episode. I feel it’s like iCarly’s best.

Yvonne: You started the show when you were 15, right?

Jennette: 14!

Yvonne: 14, whoa. I mean it became like an instant success like early on. What’s it like being part of having that sort of power at that age?

Jennette: Wonderful, I felt like Kevin McCallister from Home Alone, I’m kidding! I don’t know, I mean power is a strong word. I guess it was very strange because I have been acting for quite some time when I got on iCarly. I have been recognized on the street from time to time for different guest spots that I’ve done or if I’ve just been on Law and Order the night before then I would be recognized a lot for the next couple of weeks. To be in somebody’s household week after week as this character that they’re letting in to their home essentially, like everybody knows you and they treat you like that. I was at an amusement park or something kids come up and will huge you and latch on and just.. “SAM! Oh you really like fried chicken?!” and they’ll just come over and attack you because they feel like they know you, they don’t think anything of it. It’s just how they would treat a friend so that was very strange. And to not really be able to go to a mall or anything without lots of people coming at you was definitely a strange adjustment. I think, I don’t know, it’s great, it’s awesome that so many people like the show because if people didn’t react that way, then the show would have been cancelled.

Yvonne: What was the most surprising of the whole experience?

Jennette: Uh.. surprising? Surprising would be… ooh there would be some surprising situations like Nathan and I went to an amusement park one time and the parade was shut down, like they couldn’t do the parade because there were so many people crowding us. It’s not like that all the time but sometimes it’s pretty bad. To have so many cool opportunities come because of iCarly and things were I get to meet people I’d never thought I would, like I met Johnny Depp, and I idolize him and Andrew Garfield.

Yvonne: Andrew, your big crush.

Jennette: I love him. And that’s crazy to just be able to.. I have a picture of Michael J. Fox behind me, let me see if I can point the camera, I’m going to try my camera work. Can you see that, Michael J Fox at the top? It’s a signed picture from him and to have that, it’s crazy. Or this, look it, his upper body, like a fan sent that to me. To have so many people supporting me… insane. I dunno it’s just crazy.

Yvonne: When you have this new spinoff coming up, talk a little bit about that.

Jennette: Sam and Cat is a show where two unlikely girls become roommates and have to adjust to their new lives together. Taking on the world as hip young teenagers or something like that. No, it’s a double spinoff which I don’t think has ever been done before. It’s Sam from iCarly and Cat from Victorious, myself and Ariana Grande and our characters meet in Hollywood and become roommates and we shot the pilot back in September. It was so much fun, the pilot is so hilarious! It will make you crack up, it’s so funny. There’s so much physical comedy and so many little jokes and references to iCarly and Victorious.

Yvonne: It feels like kids TV is like changing, well TV in general is changing but you see it more with kids TV, this generation is just so screen savvy, they are watching things online. Does that put extra pressure on you as the actor to sort of be able to do webisodes for the shows websites. Do you feel pressured to be a multi-hyphenate because the young stars need to be singers too and talk a little bit about that.

Jennette: Yeah absolutely. In this day and age, everything has gone to the internet and it’s what’s happening. You have to keep up with it to some degree. I am less than a lot of people. I have a twitter and I have a Facebook and I have a YouTube and I feel there’s like a certain point where it’s like I can’t keep up! I mean I have those and I feel that people would, if they’re not sick of me after those three, then they definitely would love to have more social networks than that. Also I think it’s a really cool opportunity to because it’s a way to keep up to speed with your fans in such a more direct manner. Instead of seeing a television show and discussing it with their friends, they can literally go directly to you. They’ll watch the finale of iCarly, they’ll watch the pilot of Sam and Cat and I’ll get immediately thousands of tweets with people saying they like this or I like this. So you get immediate feedback and I feel that it’s great to have. You get such a direct line of communication with your fans that wasn’t really possible you know 10 years ago or even 5.

Yvonne: Your spinoff was created by Dan Schneider who is also the creator of iCarly. He’s been called the Norman Lear of kids TV and some some people have call him the Willy Wonka of TV. Talk about what it’s like working with Dan Schneider.

Jennette: Dan! I love him. Dan, he’s like my life coach slash mentor slash uncle shash, I mean he’s not really my uncle. I’m not actually related to him. Kids across the nation would be saying that’s why she’s on iCarly! I just love him to pieces. I go to him for advice on pretty much everything. He’s such a wonderful guy but beyond our friendship and who he is personally to me, business-wise, he is the best person in the world to work for because everyone who works for him can rest knowing that their boss is working harder than everyone. I mean he never sleeps. He probably sleeps 4 hours a day because if he’s not working on multiple shows, you know he writes almost every script and he’s in the writers room every single day and then he’s on set working with the actors and he’s you know helping out with our performances and such and then he goes to the editing bay and then he edits until however late it takes him to finish. To have the creator of a show, the executive producer of the show to be involved in that is rare especially when he did all that stuff up to the final episode of iCarly. He didn’t see that it was a hit or a success and then take a back seat and say “oh they’ve got this”, like he keeps his hands into every aspect of what he makes forever and that’s really respectable. I feel I’ve learned so much from him and hope that moving forward and whenever I graduate from Nickelodeon I can take with me the things that Dan has taught me and the things that he has shown me by example.

Yvonne: iCarly was definitely a shifting point for kids TV. Now that it’s ending, where you think kids TV is going from here? Do you see any influences from iCarly in Sam and Cat? Are we going to see a lot like them, will we see a webisode or anything tech savvy?

Jennette: I don’t think Sam and Cat are going to have a webshow or anything like that. I’m sure there will be webisodes and some sort of a website tie-in because it just makes sense and I think it would be a great way to get kids to get more content between the episodes and little mini-clips of characters and everything. I think every show has to do that nowadays to keep up with the times, you know?

Yvonne: Did you steal anything from the iCarly set during the last day?

Jennette: I didn’t! Oh my goodness, I did so many interviews where people asked: “What are you going to take from the iCarly set?” and I was like I was ready to go with these answers like I’m taking the icecream love seat, I’m taking the gummy bear lamp, I’m taking the thermos but then the problem is suddenly all our set decorations and our props department vanished and nobody in the cast could ask for anything. Like they were nowhere to be seen on the final day. It was tragic.

Yvonne: It’s in Dan’s place

Jennette: It is! I’ve been to his house a couple of times since then and I’ll be like: “Ok, I see, Dan. No, I see. There’s the gummy bear lamp, I got it. That’s fine.”

Yvonne: Did he keep the robot too?

Jennette: Yes! He kept the robot! Why does Dan get everything?! I mean sure he created the show and everything.

Yvonne: You’re good friends with Miranda offscreen and she’s in college now. Have you snuck in any of the classes with her?

Jennette: No, I’ve talked about doing that. I also joke around saying I’ll be her assistant and take notes the entire time. I want to go with her at some point but I haven’t gone yet. She tells me all about her tales of freshmen year and how that’s going and everything. It’s funny to hear her stories.

Yvonne: Do you think she’ll make a guest appearance on your show?

Jennette: I hope so. I think that would be so much fun! I talk to her about it and she’s like “hehe yeah”

Yvonne: Haha, that’s a good impression of her! You mentioned what might happen when you graduate from the Nickelodeon universe. I mean you’ve been on CSI and Law and Order.

Jennette: I just saw somebody’s feet walk right past you! That was so creepy. I’m sorry, CSI and Law and Order.

Yvonne: You’ve been on CSI and Law and Order. Do you want to do more dramatic stuff once you exit the Nickelodeon universe?

Jennette: Sorry, somebody from Nickelodeon just wrote me something, I should read it. Oh got it ok. Adriana from Nickelodeon, you spoke with her right? What was the thing?

Yvonne: Do you want to do more dramatic stuff once you left the Nickelodeon universe.

Jennette: Yeah absolutely. I love comedy. It’s great to be able to make people laugh and I also love drama for the opposite reason. It’s great to remind people that they have hearts and they can still feel things cause sometimes we can forget in this crazy world. I’m open to whatever really. I love acting. I go back and forth between whatever I prefer, comedy or drama based on what I’m going through in my life at that moment. I definitely at some point. I don’t just want to leave drama behind me and have done all my drama work at 13.

Yvonne: You should try for Nashville. You sing country music.

Jennette: Thanks! I still like a part of that on TV and I didn’t know what it was and now of course I’m hearing everything about it and I love Hayden Panettiere, so that’d be super fun. Do you want to put in a good word?

Yvonne: I will try, I will try. So those are my questions I mean I feel like we should commemorate this event with like a random dance but I don’t dance so I don’t know if you do.

Jennette: Oh I dance! This kid has got her dancing shoes. I’m sure nobody in the cast is watching this but for all the fans who are watching this: Thank you guys so much for sticking around with us for so long and it’s so rare for any television show, let alone a kids television show to last this long and you know for something to make this kind of mark, it must have made a mark on a lot of people, so for that to happen, it just gives you tingly just thinking about it and I feel that every fan I meet is a friend because they’ve shared so many experiences that I’ve had for the past few years, they’ve had the same ones just by watching the TV so thank you guys for watching and I hope you stay a part of everybody in the casts lives for the years to come and I hope to see you on twitter and facebook and all that stuff that we were talking about.

Yvonne: How are you going to watch the final episode?

Jennette: Plans are being made through a group text messaging session. Miranda and I are going to carpool and go to Nathan’s and we are inviting Boog!e and Noah and Jerry couldn’t make it cause Jerry is with his family. Then we’re going to invite some of our standins and stuff as well and we’re probably going to be crying a lot.

Yvonne: Don’t cry too much, try to enjoy it. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us, Jennette.

Jennette: Thank you, this was really fun. I’ll probably be on screen for an hour because I don’t know how to sign off.

Yvonne: I don’t know how to sign off either. It’ll be both of us.

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