Jennette McCurdy and the iCarly cast thanks their fans

Posted on November 22, 2012

Below is a behind the scenes video of the iCarly cast giving their thanks to the fans for watching and supporting the show since the beginning. According to Jennette McCurdy: “We all consider you to be part of the iCarly family.” The cast also reflects on their time on set along with small snippets of the finale, iGoodbye. Jennette even comments a bit about the upcoming episode:

I hope that the iCarly fans love that there is a certain amount of closure. It’s not just like any other episode, they get to see some loose ends tied up and things that they probably wondered about.

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4 responses

  1. Thanks for all <3

  2. madison sizemore says:

    please do not shut down icarly forever

  3. This was a perfect episode(:

  4. Khashari Wilson says:

    You guys should give away the Spoon Hat that was worn in the iGetPranky episode. I have been wishing for that hat for a very long time.