Exclusive iGoodbye interview, sneak previews, promotional videos, and photos

Posted on November 20, 2012

Only a few days remain until iCarly’s final episode: iGoodbye airs on November 23rd, 2012. The cast was interviewed and reflected on the times they had on set, exclusively provided by CelebSecrets4U

Both Jennette McCurdy and Miranda Cosgrove tweeted about the episode as well:

The following three videos are sneak previews from the episode (may contain spoilers):

Below are all the promotional videos of iGoodbye including a sweepstakes to win props that were in iCarly episodes. More details about the contest will be provided after iGoodbye airs at Nick.com/iCarly:

Also check out the promotional photos of the iCarly final episode, many of them provided by Miranda-Cosgrove.us. Also including is an article from the LA times.

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  1. nathan, whay are you stoping icarly!

  2. Omg! The picture where jennette is crying and Miranda isnt facing the camera but is wiping her eye is SO sad! Also the one with jennette crying/smiling and Dan smiling. I love the one with jennette and Miranda hugging in the elevator and the one with jennette pretending to scratch Nathans shirt. It feels like the earlier years of icarly when jennette and Nathan were less distant. Just jennette, thank you so much for posting these! #even-though-i’m-crying…

  3. Oh my gosh… I just saw another super sad one! With Dan pointing his arm towards Miranda and jennette who are hugging and crying and at Nathan, noah, and jerry who are also crying. :(

  4. You guys cant leave your awesome continue t.v. shows and movies wanna see you

  5. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i am soooooo sad i carly is over


    literaly all i watch

    love aliceill miss you

  6. I am going to cry will you comeback because Carly said on the show that she will come back.

  7. i am only 11 but i have watched every episode the show is real its not kids with powers,, just dealing with the problems in school with parents…… the igoodbye show just finished an i was trying to find the sweepstakes to win something off the set… see its only me an my mom .. we dont have family ..this show has made me laugh … cry … an want true friends that u can trust….. of there is any info about this sweepstakes let me know..thank you…


  9. Hi I’m such a big fan I was wondering if I could get the ice cream sandwich bench because I can’t find the website thanks.

  10. i will miss icarly forever

  11. Thank you guys for making me happy when i was having a bad day and when times were rough but i just really want to say that i’m going to miss you , i love you so much and it’s been a fun ride thank you. P.S i’m trying to find the sign up thing for the IGoodbye sweepstakes but i can’t find it is there any way you can help me please write back.

  12. I am so sad I wish you could just do at least one more episode please! :):(. Carly can Spenser come with you? Can you guys do icarly over the computer?

  13. My daughter cried as igoodbye ended tonight. Carly and Sam (Miranda and Jeanette) your are great role models and my daughter will miss your show, even with the reruns! Good luck to everyone from the cast to the people behind the scenes! We love you!

  14. I hope that a miracle would happen so I can get icarly prop like baggies or the camera squirrel and ice cream sand which bench.

  15. I love Icarly I witch it could stay with us.:( I hope icarly comes back! :(:)

  16. please dont stop icarly. Its the only show i watch on nick.

  17. CAN I have your ice cream Bench bye the way you gis Rook.

  18. We miss you already! You guys are the best ever!!
    WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  19. I seen the final Icarly!! I cant belive it!! I cryed and I am a big fan of you!! And when can I enter the Sweepstakes and how can I enter!! :)

  20. is noah as wierd in real life as he is on then show?

  21. I love this show so much I cant believe its going to end! Goodbye Icarly!

  22. why does icarly have to end? its so sad

  23. but the most sad part was when they all went in a group huge

  24. U gise are so inspiring it justs make me want to cry because I love your show it always cheers me up and it’s soo funny!!!and I’m really going to miss this show!!

  25. icarly changed my life, Thanx icarly

  26. Can you please continue the show.
    Its all i ever watch on nick.

  27. Im watching it right now