Jennette McCurdy talks about her new show and iCarly guest stars Emma Stone and One Direction

Posted on November 17, 2012

Cambio visited both Jennette McCurdy and Noah Munck while they were filming Swindle in Vancouver, Canada to talk about their upcoming Nickelodeon shows and their experiences with guest stars on iCarly. Below is what Jennette said during the interview:

Sam and Cat is a double spinoff, maybe been the first time that’s ever been done if I’m not sure. But it’s a spinoff of iCarly and Victorious, Sam from iCarly and Cat from Victorious become unlikely roommates and we get to see their weekly shenanigans.

It’s so much fun because Ariana and I have been such great friends. I did an episode on Victorious and then we did an iCarly/Victorious crossover but we never had any scenes together in either of them. So we were like: “Come on! Let’s get this going!” So now it’s great because every scene we’re together.

I loved working on iCarly. It was, geez, five and a half years. We were the tightest knit group of people. There really wasn’t one episode where the script came in and I was like: “uh not really looking forward to this script”. Everytime I got a new script, I was excited to do whatever I got to do for that week. We got to work with so many different great guest stars.

I haven’t heard of One Direction before they were on the show and Miranda was like: “You are out of your mind, they’re the biggest thing!” And of course they are, there’s nothing bigger. They were so nice, so laid back and funny.

Emma Stone was amazing. I love her in pretty much everything she has done. She’s this gorgeous wonderful person to work with, so professional. She sent cupcakes to the set the next day! And she’s like “Love Emma”, ahh Emma Stone cupcake!

Watch the full exclusive video by Cambio below:


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  1. Hi Jennette I will watch you on your new show.If I’m right Cat from Victorious is played Ariana Grande?I hadn’t watched I Carly until I added Miranda on myspace then twitter ,then you.I added Noah,Jerry,Nathan after I added you and Miranda.I hope you all had fun on I Carly,I’m sorry to see it end,but it’s why I refer to acting the highest paid temp work you’ll ever do.I’ve done the lowest at 9.04hr until next rate hike.I do have a profile on exploreTalent.I’m looking to get into what you do.

  2. marcus elias says:

    I liked this video but where’s the rest of the staff?

  3. Love your work and love how you really appreciate your fanbase!! Can’t wait til Sam and Cat starts!!! You have terrific comedic timing!!!