Exclusive interview and special message from Jennette McCurdy

Posted on November 14, 2012

Fanlala recently posted exclusive video of the iCarly cast and one-on-one chat with Jennette McCurdy to talk about the final episode, iGoodbye.

In the interview below, Jennette McCurdy talks about her career after iCarly, the Birds Eye campaign, and the upcoming movie with other Nickelodeon stars in Swindle.

Fanlala: You’ve been playing Sam for over five years now, and there’s still plenty to explore with the character. Where would you like to see them take her now that she’s grown up?

Jennette McCurdy: My goal for ‘Sam & Cat,’ and I’ve actually talked this over a lot with Dan Schneider, is to get Sam to a place where she’s still sarcastic and snarky, but not as obnoxious. I want her to be a more centered person, and just a lot more likeable. That’s the ultimate goal of where I want her in ‘Sam & Cat,’ and I love what they did with Sam.

F: What’s the chemistry between the characters of Sam & Cat been like? Can you give us any inside info on the show?

JM: The relationship between Sam and Cat is very ‘Odd Couple,’ and it proves that opposites attract. It will make a lot of sense when you see the show. Cat is very innocent and sweet. She loves everyone. Sam is brazen and brash, and it takes a bit more for her to warm up to people. Cat’s infectious behavior rubs off onto Sam, and they both end up getting along better than you think.

F: How is the filming of ‘Swindle’ coming along, can you tell us anything about your character on that movie?

JM: We were filming in Vancouver for six weeks. My character is Suzanna Wescott – a theatrical, over-dramatic actress. She’s desperate for everyone’s approval, so it’s not far from a real-life actress!

F: What’s been your favorite recipe submitted to the iCook With Birds Eye Initiative, and are there any veggie dishes that you’re a fan of?

JM: The Yakimaniac Veggie Martians we all loved and were featured in a recent episode of ‘iCarly.’ As for me, my classic go-to are steamed vegetables with garlic salt. I’ve been having them for as long as I can remember. In fact if I go to a Chinese restaurant, it’s steamed vegetables automatically. Ever since I’ve teamed with Birds Eye, I’ve been having veggies a lot more.

F: What details can you give us about ‘iGoodbye’ airing this Saturday?

JM: The biggest plot point of ‘iGoodbye’ is finally meeting Carly’s (Miranda Cosgrove) dad. He’ll be returning home to visit. The other story in the episode has Sam and Freddie working together to improve an old 1960’s motorcycle.

F: What was it like on set for the last episode of ‘iCarly?’

JM: It’s always hard talking about this. The final week was brutal, we got really emotional whether it was in front of the cameras or in the middle of a read. It was nice, though, when we realized that we were not saying goodbye. We were just saying goodbye to a part of our lives. In fact, I was just with Miranda yesterday. I visited her house, we spent the night and went to dinner.

F: Do you have any plans for the holiday season?

JM: I’m going to actually be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I’ll be singing on the Goldfish Float, and I’m really excited for that. Otherwise I’ll be hanging out with my family. I did a lot of my Christmas shopping in September. I love delivering Christmas presents

Before we ended, Jennette also wanted to give a shout out to her fans “I just want to say thanks to everyone who has been a part of ‘iCarly,’ and that includes the fans. Thank you for sticking with us and staying loyal for six years of the show. And I wanted to also thank the 16,000 kids who entered the Birds Eye sweepstakes.”

Now that ‘iCarly’ is almost over, we can’t wait to welcome ‘Sam & Cat’ to the Nick family. We’ll keep you posted on all the details for Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande’s brand new show. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Jennette! We love you!

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