Jennette McCurdy talks about an iCarly episode with special guests from Pawn Stars

Posted on November 4, 2012

Joselyn Davis met with the iCarly cast to ask them what it was like to have special guests from the hit show Pawn Stars acting on the new episode of iCarly: iLost My Head in Vegas which aired on November 3rd, 2012. Check out what Jennette had to say about their acting on the episode:

Joselyn: Break down what this episode is going to be like

Jennette: Pawn Stars didn’t know their lines. They were really nice, so they get a pass.

Joselyn: What sort of acting tips did you give them?

Jennette: Read the script! They were very funny because they would not know their lines and people would shout them off camera.. “your next line is” and then they would be like “your next line is”, they would repeat that part, oh my goodness.

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