Jennette McCurdy listed as one of the 25 most crushable girls under 25

Posted on October 18, 2012

Crushable released their official list for the 25 Most Crushable Girls Under 25 for 2012. To be considered in their exclusive list, the girl must be (according to Crushable):

Under 25 but also so insanely talented that they’re guaranteed to be one of the most talked about pop-culture figures in the coming year

The announcement has finally been made and Jennette McCurdy has been listed as #23 on their exclusive list of 25 celebrities. The following is the excerpt from Crushable with a worthy accomplishment by her fans:

With an incredibly enthusiastic fan base, it’s no surprise that Jennette McCurdy won our Top Tween Crush Poll by a landslide. The Nickelodeon star got her start playing Sam Puckett on iCarly and did so well there that she’s getting her own spin-off series called Sam & Cat.

While her name may be new to you, she’s an experienced actress who’s been starring in TV shows like CSI, Lincoln Heights and Victorious since 2000. Yep, that means she kicked off her career around the time most kids are finishing up the third grade.

In addition to her growing acting career, Jennette also an aspiring country singers with a few songs under belt already. With so much to look forward to at such a young age, we have no doubt that Jennette’s going to break that tween barrier and end up being the next Selena Gomez

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6 responses

  1. Caio Henrique says:

    Next Selena Gomez? She’s much better than Selena Gomez!

  2. Jennette, the next Selena Gomez??


    Selena may be a bit more recognizable to the general population, but sh’e nowhere near being in Jennette’s league, talent-wise. I lke Selena; she seems quiet a fairly level headed. But she is not the megatalent Jennette is.

    I’m just saying.

  3. It is no mistake the she should be on the most crusable list. Although considering how talented and beautifull she is Jennette should be at number one or at least in the the top five.

  4. Marlon QuiƱonez says:

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  5. James Randall says:

    You must be a bunch of Republicans over there. Jennette should be #1 all the way. Posting Her at #23 is retarded.