Jennette McCurdy hosts a quick Q&A

Posted on October 15, 2012

Jennette McCurdy tweeted that she was going to host a quick surprise 30 minute Q&A session with her fans. Below are the 21 questions she answered on October 14th, 2012 before spending a girls night in with Ariana Grande.

Q: whats ur favorite episode of icarly?
A: no can do, I’d get in big trouble :P

Q: If you were trapped on an island with Ke$ha, what would you do?
A: try to escape

Q: green or purple grapes?!?!
A: purple! You?

Q: have u Played this game SLENDER
A: the whole swindle cast was playing it the other day actually. It freaked me out lol

Q: What does Jerry Trainor’s hair smell like?
A: heaven and man

Q: hotdogs or hamburgers?
A: hamburgers

Q: what’s your favorite holiday?
A: Christmas!

Q: Why you’re not friends with @NathanKress? Or because he does not communicate with him?
A: I am friends with Nathan! We don’t talk a ton, but he’s a cool dude!

Q: how do I start my career in music/acting without effecting my education?
A: don’t let it

Q: I get to meet @HungryGirl in a couple of weeks!:) have u ever tried her recipes!?
A: but of course!

Q: D’you remember me from the Iris hangout? We sang Wide awake together. :D
A: of course!

Q: whats your fav color?
A: purple! Also love blue and pink

Q: Whats your favorite memory of being part of the @iCarly crew?
A: love that cast so much

Q: how was it doing your law and order episode??
A: fun! Shot it in new york for 2 weeks

Q: do you like cheese bread? Pleaseeeeeeeeee asnwer me just one time in my life! i BEGGGGGGGGGGGGG!
A: mmmm sounds good

Q: how much often do u hang out with Miranda Cosgrove? :)
A: all the time!

Q: You love me? Because I love you just tell me if you love me
A: I do!

Q: what are you wearing right now? :)
A: citizens of humanity jeans, ugg boots, h&m tank, ecote sweater, vintage ring necklace. Comfy comfy

Q: I’m seriously ugly crying for you to see this video! PLEASE watch it?
A: I can’t watch it on my iPad!

Q: Which place do you like to go? Kind, shopping malls, clubs, restaurants
A: I’m all up in the clubs

Q: What was the scariest thing that happened to you already?
A: where did u get your profile pic?


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  1. Ummm…whose profile pic and should we all worry?