Jennette McCurdy tells us who is her best friend

Posted on October 8, 2012

New video has been released of Jennette McCurdy who shares how she met her best friend. Watch the video below to find out who it is.

Hey guys, I’m Jennette McCurdy and my best friend is sweet, clever, hilarious and sometimes shy. You probably know her. Her name’s Miranda Cosgrove and we actually met on the set of iCarly. We met for the first time when I went to do my final audition and she was there and I was nervous cause I’ve seen her on Drake and Josh and I thought she was really funny and now she’s my best friend, woo!


9 responses

  1. marcus elias says:

    very good video I liked it very nice of you design

  2. jennete is best friends with miranda. but from inside she likes ariana grande more. they bother were childhood best friends

    miranda, jennete and ariana are the bestests friends

  3. hollie castile says:

    I loved it. It’s so cool that your best friends with miranda cosgrove.

  4. That’s really sweet of Jennette McCurdy to say!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe that she picked Miranda over Ariana.

  6. i am a really big fan of icarly and i wish u both stay friends forever

  7. I love that she’s best friends with Miranda

  8. Nice show

  9. miranda cosgrove says:

    Thank you jennette