New video of Jennette McCurdy’s acting and music career

Posted on September 28, 2012

Below is a new video which summarizes both Jennette McCurdy’s acting career with Nickelodeon and music career with Capitol Records Nashville. In the interview, Jennette talks about how she got into acting, why she enjoys singing country music, various artists who are her musical inspirations, her reaction to her first concert performance, and what it was like to do a radio tour.

I’ve always been a big fan of music and always just found so many songs I could relate to and songs that just.. a song can help you out through anything or cheer you up when you down or just make you rock out. Music is good in so many ways. For country I found that it was so honest and so genuine.

Musically, my influences for country in particular are big time Keith Urban: Golden Road changed my life. I loved Martina McBride. I love Lady Antebellum.

I think about country music what is really cool is that everybody seems so close. They always do charity concerts and benefit concerts. Kind of like a big family and everybody knows each other. I think that’s what so great about country music. Everybody is so phenomenal and is so close.

I got started in acting when I was very young I wanted to be in Star Wars. My first role was in a Faith Hill music video actually. I got to do a part in “The Way You Love Me” a music video for that. Working with Faith Hill for an entire day was crazy and awesome and she was really the first celebrity I ever met.

With iCarly we’ve been nominated for a lot of different things, for teen choice awards and we won Kids Choice Awards for a number of times. We were nominated for an Emmy last year and this year. I think coming from an acting background I think it definitely helps in some ways because I of course have a great fan base, who have been so receptive and responsive and everything.

My first live performance, it was really fun. I got to say I thought I was going to be way more nervous than I was. Just seeing how everyone else was excited in the audience. My heart of course was pounding like crazy and I was just trying to breathe properly. As soon as I got my breath kind of under control I was able to go out there and it was really fun.

Being on the road for a radio tour was crazy and wonderful and I loved who I was with. We had some crazy experiences into a great really long road trip, it was a blast.

When people listen to my music, I just really hope it’s the kind of thing that can make them think, you know. I think if they just sit there and they just hear a ballad for a few minutes and are able to just stop what they are doing and just think about it, if anybody does that then it’s achieved exactly what I wanted it to.

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  1. Does Jennette have naturally curly hair or does she straighten it?