Jennette McCurdy hosts a Q&A with fans before filming Sam and Cat

Posted on September 20, 2012

Jennette McCurdy brought back her famous Hair and Makeup photos by showcasing a pair of Steve Madden shoes. She also had some time before filming to do a quick Q&A with fans. Below are the questions she picked to answer (after she was teased by Dan Schneider):

Q: what do you love about working with Ariana?
A: we have so much fun together!

Q: today is my birthday for 17 years and I would be very happy if you wished me happy birthday!
A: happybb

Q: Jennette, what do you prefer? jello or your ice cream?
A: ice cream all day

Q: Which place do you prefer the most: LA, NY, or Chicago?
A: la to live, ny to visit

Q: what do you think of italy? love you!xo
A: I love it! Had the best bread and olive oil when I was there

Q: Wat age did you want to become an actress
A: 6, because of star wars

Q: What is your favorite skit from SNL?
A: I love church lady, nick the lounge singer, more cowbell, the simon likes to do drawings ones, mr Ed, and weekend update

Q: How you get in Hollywood?
A: typically a car

Q: Do you agree with Yoda when he says “do or do not, there is no try”? :P
A: I agree with Yoda on just about everything.

Q: Im waiting for this – what is my nickname, by you? #Jennettified
A: smoochiecake

Q: i bought this shirt because of you :)))
A: oh my goodness I love this!!

Q: you represent the world, inspiration and strength for us, your McCurdians. And we, what we mean to you?
A: you guys mean so much. Having your encouragement, support, and love is so appreciated.

Q: whats your favorite place you have ever visited
A: I love ny, Rome

Q: I hope you see this!!! Painted it a While ago I LOVE YOU
A: crazy about this

Q: can you answer this question?
A: yes

Q: What do you like to do on the weekend?
A: movies, comedy shows, swimming, gyming

Q: look, my little sister is a mccurdian too :p WE LOVE U
A: love this!

Her Q&A ended when she was called back to the set for another full day of filming


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