Jennette McCurdy hosts a late night Q&A with fans

Posted on September 6, 2012

Jennette McCurdy had some time to answer questions before going to sleep. She tweeted the following just after midnight on September 6th, 2012.

Q and a time. A little shorty before I head to bed! Shoot your q’s!

The following is what Jennette was able to answer, including confirmation that she is dating.

Q: Who is your bestfriend?
A: @MirandaCosgrove @saltycornucopia

Q: have you ever been to Australia? Did you love it?
A: love love love

Q: can I have a nickname?! Please?!!!!
A: raspberry tart!

Q: Are you excited for your new show?
A: so pumped, cannot wait

Q: How excited are you for Sam & Cat???
A: unbelievably!!

Q: books or movies?
A: movies! Both!

Q: Who is your celebrity male crush?
A: Sam mikulak, Joseph Gordon levitt

Q: here’s a q… how r u doing? always caring about u
A: that’s so sweet, Brian. I’m doin well, thanks excited for the new show. Been spending time with my mom

Q: do you like one direction??
A: yeah!

Q: did you use to go to school or was you always home schooled?
A: home schooled :)

Q: What’s your favorite song?
A: right now I am obsessed with the Iris soundtrack. #whatelseisnew

Q: 1st impression of Ariana Grande?
A: outgoing, vivacious, spritely!

Q: Are you still hanging out with Miranda?
A: all the time!

Q: Look what I did with my fries
A: favorites!

Q: do you have any new movie projects?
A: yes!!

Q: how tall are you?
A: 5’3″

Q: Do you like Japan and Japanese #McCurdians?
A: love!

Q: Are u dating?
A: dating, but no bf

Q: IM SO EXCITED for Sam and Cat!
A: yay!!

Q: wat were u like as a kid?
A: still a kid

Q: Which is your favorite song of maroon 5???
A: pay phone and I can’t lie

Q: oh hey! I get a follow too!? Best night ever lol you’re hella cool.
A: holla. Thanks toots ;)

Q: I love your mumma. Tell her thank you ♥
A: aw thanks. I will

Q: @jennnettemccurdy do you like subway?
A: ummm. I had subway for dinner. #freaky #areuspyingonme

Q: when will filming start for Sam and cat?
A: soon!!

Q: can you get anymore amazing? Not a trick question haha
A: well aren’t you the doll face

Q: Jennette have like 1.5 million followers and she is following like 4000 and i’m 1 of THEM!!!! so happy.
A: Yayayay!

Q: OMG @jennettemccurdy followed me! I love you so much Jennette! :D
A: thanks Bilgerdunday!

Q: Is fat shake, strawberry shake?
A: yes! Good eye

Q: check this out! McCurdians and u were made for each other: :)
A: amazing

Q: 1.5 million followers? Congrats :) you deserve it :)
A: woot!

Q: it’s 3:30 am i didn’t sleep yet and i’m not going untill you reply me something, don’t ignore me please
A: I’m not trying to!

Q: Will you wish me a happy UNbirthday? ;)
A: for being clever, yes. A very merry unbirthday to you

Q: are you swaggy
A: you tell me

Q: Call me maybeee
A: that’s crazy I just met you

Q: I Love You!!
A: so cute!!

Q: I saw this Miu Miu stall in Paris! It reminded me of you ♥
A: LOVE!!!! I mean wow. adore!

Q: so excited for ur new show with @ArianaGrande keep up the good work
A: thank you!

Q: hey Jennette I love you
A: :)

Q: Hey @jennettemccurdy You’re amazing! Just wanted you to know.
A: why thank you

After the quick Q&A with fans, Jennette concluded with the following goodnight tweet:


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