Jennette McCurdy voted in the top 5 of twenty for most beautiful inside and out

Posted on September 5, 2012

The results are in from Portrait Magazine’s poll for their top 20 most beautiful inside and out for 2012. Over 1.2 million votes were tallied and Jennette McCurdy not only made her debut in the list but placed #5 out of the 50 that were nominated (with a total of 65,184 votes)! The votes were based not only on beauty, but career choices, role model status, charity, and charisma.

There are many reasons to admire Jennette, Portrait Magazine wrote an entire article in dedication to her and listed over 20 traits that exemplify Jennette’s adorable personality. Below is an excerpt from Portrait Magazine describing Jennette and a fan’s perspective of her.

Though she’s been playing a sidekick for the last few years on iCarly, Jennette might just be the current queen of Nickelodeon comedy. She’s got a love for laughter, citing sitcoms like Friends and The Big Bang Theory amongst her favorite shows, and maybe that’s where she draws her inspiration for her work. Her portrayal of the rough around the edges Sam Puckett has easily made her a fan favorite amongst the tween audience, and she’s guest starred on almost every other recent major Nick series in completely different roles (Zoey 101, True Jackson, Victorious, Bucket and Skinner), worked in movies for the network, and co-hosted awards shows for them as well. And the network has clearly realized what a talent they have in her, giving her a new series that she’s recently started work on, her very own spin off called Sam and Cat, with her close friend and fellow Nick actress Ariana Grande.

Lest you think she’s all about work though, it’s important to note that two big parts of her appeal are that she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and that she really is as sweet as she seems. She’s got a sarcastic sense of humor and readily interacts with fans on her twitter account, taking time out of her busy schedule to do Q&A’s and thank fans for their support. She also always stops to pose for photos and sign autographs, even if she’s out with her family at a theme park (a favorite pastime of hers), a time that really should be separate. And since she’s spent a lot of time in Nashville working on music over the last few years, she’s developed a relationship with St. Jude’s, a hospital that helps terminally ill children and their families, all for free. She’s done several meet and greets with patients, auctioned off memorabilia to raise money for them, and even donated the profits from her concerts to their facility. She’s gone out of her way to do just that little bit extra that makes her fans not only love her, but respect her.

Why You Chose Her
What makes Jennette so beautiful is that she isn’t the type of celeb who is all surface, no substance. While she is a physically attractive young woman, she’s not one to harp on about her appearance. Instead, her focus is on her work, her sense of humor, and giving back. She’s involved in St. Jude’s, and she always thinks about how her work can appeal to the same kids. I think that’s admirable. – Mandi

Congratulations Jennette McCurdy! You earned it.

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