Jennette McCurdy goes kayaking in Hawaii

Posted on September 2, 2012

New photos about Jennette McCurdy’s Hawaiian vacation have been released over the weekend showing Jennette and her guy friend paddleboarding in Maui, Hawaii on Saturday afternoon (September 1st). She also recently got to see Josh Peck (from Dan Schneider’s Drake and Josh) who was also spending time off in Hawaii.

Just ran into @PortableShula (Josh Peck) in Hawaii. He’s the nicest!

Jennette has also shared more photos of the scenery including a relaxing sunset and even a blue moon:

Lemonade and a sunset. That’s what i’m talkin about…

Once in a blue moon…

Below are the latest new photos from Jennette McCurdy’s Hawaiian trip:

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3 responses

  1. It’s nice to see her having fun before it gets crazy with work.

  2. John Holmgren says:

    Hey Jennette, hope you have a fantastic time in hawaii, looks like your having lots of fun. When I was in the Navy we stopped for a lay over for a few hours in Hawaii, it was beautiful, wish I could of stayed. My boys watch Icarly they love ya. I love your country music, your voice is beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you that you won’t make a career of it, because you definatley have what it takes to go to the top of the charts, that’s from my heart. I am a musician as well, guitar, keyboard and drums, it is hard work and you most definatley have the talent, voice and sound, all your songs I have listened to are great, I was trying to find one I didn’t like, but..that’s not happening. My wife was shocked when she heard you sing, she said ” She is definatley going to be at the top very soon.”

    Keep up the great work on your music, enjoy your trip to Hawaii and be safe, you have our prayers and all our hopes. On top of everything else, you seem like a very sweet person, you are definatley ” Generation Love ”
    John & Kay Holmgren

  3. I hope you and your mother are fine,I had been off a few weeks because of computer problems,geo.