Jennette McCurdy hosts a surprise Q&A

Posted on August 12, 2012

On August 12th, 2012, Jennette McCurdy surprised her fans by having another #AskJennette Q&A that lasted for over an hour long (which also showed up as a twitter trending topic). The following is the questions that she answered and compliments that she received. Jennette also cleared up the common question about her having an instagram account. Below is what she specifically tweeted regarding having an account:

a lot of you guys are asking if i have an instagram. FYI, I don’t… so you’re following dirty, filthy liars. :P

Q: can we get married
A: yes

Q: Don’t you just hate those people??
A: yep, all of them

Q: are you a gal who likes guys to wear, dress shirts and ties, or jeans and t-shirts (: ?? It’s for a friend
A: you’re cute :). I have a soft spot for a sharp dressed man

Q: Have you already filmed the first episode of Sam & Cat?
A: no, filming soon and I cannot wait!

Q: purple hair or purple shoes?
A: or both? I’m not drivin

Q: you like what color lipstick?
A: not a huge fan of lipstick (it’s a lot of maintenance) but I’ll do a nice deep red from time to time. I love a non-stick gloss

Q: did you enjoy the men’s gymnastics event.. I know I did..
A: yes Sam mikulak is my celeb crush!

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
A: reading, swimming, writing, styling outfis, gym!

Q: what miranda smells like?
A: a little slice of heaven

Q: Do you have a boyfriend now ? and when you gonna make another livestream or twitcam
A: i’ll do a twitcam soon if i can figure it out lol

Q: Are you dating? If so, who?
A: …. maybe

Q: you’re my celebrity crush. Just saying .:)
A: awwwww

Q: What’s your favorite song to sing in the shower?
A: big ones

Q: do you still listen to Owl City?
A: yeah! good time all day!

Q: What are your 3 most-played songs of the week?
A: great q. bitter heart – zee avi, the fear – lily allen , hand in my pocket – alanis morisette

Q: Can you give me a nickname? Please it is very important for me and I love you so much S2
A: maple oat scone

Q: What is your favorite animal?
A: bears :)

Q: would you rather dye your hair green or have a huge afro?
A: huge green afro

Q: Do you like Maroon 5?
A: love

Q: do you know that #askjennette is trending worldwide?
A: yes!! i’m so happy about it! my fans #neverletmedown

Q: what is the deal with your nicknames, and why don’t I have one yet?
A: the deal = terms of endearment. yours = lemon tart. i love em

Q: Please give me a nickname? That’s all I want out of life
A: crepeface

Q: so who is @saltycornucopia
A: one of my best friends!

Q: Did you enjoy whacking people in the face with the butter sock?
A: you know it

Q: what is your favorite food?
A: apples, salads, pasta, pizza, sushi

Q: what’s it like to have 2 middle-names? I’ve always wanted another one
A: it’s twice the fun ;)

Q: Hey Jennette, remember your first youtube video, you invented the word “Frians”? Haha Friends+Fans..
A: i do remember that! lol

Q: do you bellieve there is anything interesting in kansas?
A: no. haha jk

Q: Help me pick a name to my polar bear? is male…
A: awwww!!

Q: What was it like to have Emma Watson at iCarly studio?
A: she wasn’t there haha

Q: wish me a happy 15th birthday? What do you think of my little cake?
A: happy B!

Q: Helllooo :D You okay?
A: i’m great. and you?

Q: Do you like high heels?
A: LOVE high heels

Q: My McSexy! I love you my angel you’re my spiration!!
A: thank ou!

Q: you liked this shirt @jennettemccurdy ? @BarbaraMcCurdy made for you
A: it’s awesome!

Q: What outfit our McFashionista is wearing?
A: right now? pink rubbish shorts, turquoise pumps, and a lace-trimmed cami. it’s so hot outside!!

Q: You are my inspiration, my pride, my example of life, forced to exist! I love you so MUCH !!
A: thank you!

Q: Hi Jenn! I’ma big fan of yours! you’re wonderful! give me a nickname?
A: peaches n cream

Q: monkeys or pandas??
A: both

Q: I think you’re very very pretty :) my q: would you ever consider going into fashion professionally?
A: thank you! i love styling and drawing/designing for fun :) we’ll see!

Q: You’re my inspiration, Mexico loves you i love u
A: and i love me-hee-co

Q: what you enjoy doing princess?
A: being called a princess, for starters! lol

Q: Who is your favorite fashion designer and why?
A: great q! i love miu miu, james perse, vince, j brand, citizens of humanity, marc jacobs, rubbish, jimmy choo, rachel zoe

Q: are u gonna do a contest like @arianagrande to?
A: sure! if everyone sends me ideas for contests!!

Q: Love you with all my heart you’re my inspiration my most beautiful dream! Thanks for following me.
A: love you too

Q: I like to try to win a response by Jennette. Although I know never I’ll get it
A: yes you will :)

Q: VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION #askjennette I love you and you love me?

Q: what was the weirdest thing that happened in your life??
A: too many to name haha

Q: Thanks For Following me, You Made ​​me Happy, Love You Very Much, Thank You, Really. You Are My Life
A: you’re welcome!

Q: I LOVEE Miu-Miu and it is your fault! haha’ I Love you
A: haha excellent :P

Q: I ♥ you so much!!!! I think about you everyday!! Please tweet me?
A: hi :)

Q: do you like this high heel?

Q: My cute little bear jenn beautiful as you
A: so cute

thanks for the awesome q’s! I’ll do another one soon :) And thanks for the trending topic!! I’ll respond more to you guys throughout the day


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  1. santhy rodax says:

    que lastima no contesto mi pregunta aunque se la hice cuatro veces, pero aun así te amo jennette eres mi vida aunque no te tenga a mi lado

  2. She didn’t noticed me :P lol! Nickname pls????? =))

  3. Can’t believe I missed this!:(

  4. Woop, my question & her answer is up there!! :D One of the best days ever!! <33

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