Jennette McCurdy answers’s popcorn questions

Posted on August 3, 2012 released new video of The Click Clique which features Jennette McCurdy answering popcorn questions with an unexpected twist at the beginning. Check out the video below to see what happens and which questions she answered:

Q: Why does toilet bowl cleaner only come in blue?
Jennette: You tell me! I’ve wanted some toilet bowl cleaner in purple since I’ve been a wee child.

Q: If you could have a celebrity entourage with three celebrities, who would they be?
Jennette: Johnny Depp because he’s just got an air of cool. Andrew Garfield, just because I want to caress his face and Katy Perry because, as previously explained, she awesome. She awesome. I’m wide awake! I love her voice.

Q: My biggest pet peeve is…
Jennette: Oh I hate when people don’t screw the caps on their water bottles. It drives me nuts! It’s not that hard, grandma!

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  1. Hi I hate when people slurp out of their soda cans and then don’t appoligise for being rude.