New interview with Jennette McCurdy

Posted on August 2, 2012 recently interviewed with Jennette McCurdy to talk about the special guest stars on iCarly, One Direction, her upcoming Nickelodeon show, and her music career.

Check out the full interview below: Emma Stone’s going to be in one of the final episodes! How did that happen?
Jennette: Emma Stone guest starred on iCarly and that came about cause we found out that she actually likes the show a lot and we were all at the SNL after party and she was there. Our producers started talking to her and they were both chatting it up and she was like “hey, I’d love to be on”, and our producer said “how about next week?” and she goes “ok”, and she couldn’t have been nicer. It’s really surprising, we’ve had some really big guest stars and when I say they couldn’t have been nicer, I’m not just throwing that around, even though it sounds like I am, they remember everybody’s name and are very sweet and down to earth. It’s really great. Would you like to do any more Nickelodeon crossovers?
Jennette: Yes! I guest starred on Victorious playing this crazy like psycho girl named Ponnie. I would love to return as Ponnie because I had a lot of fun with the character and doing something so different and such a lunatic. One Direction guest-starred on the show last season. Quick, who’s your favorite?
Jennette: I loved Louie, because he wore those cute little suspenders and he’s adorable. But Zayn was really sweet and he’s quite attractive too. They’re all very good looking young men, lemme just say that. Do you think 1D deserves their own Nickelodeon show? Maybe even a 3D movie?
Jennette: Yeah I think the guys are really fun and easy going. I guess we only got a taste of their acting chops during the show but I’m sure they’d be great. I don’t want to make any 1D fans angry but I don’t think they’ll touch Katy Perry’s movie because let me tell you I’ve seen that stuff twice and that is amazing. I love it. Oh my goodness, Katy Perry, you’re my hero. What wacky trend would you love to see more of?
Jennette: It’s another Katy Perry thing, but blue hair! I wish that everybody had blue hair. I mean seriously, honestly, if I didn’t have to have blonde hair for the powers that be telling me that I’d have to have it, I’d go blue. Now that iCarly is ending, what’s up next?
Jennette: I’m teaming up with BirdsEye vegetables to inspire a whole new generation of vegetable lovers and to encourage kids to see their veggies as fun and creative things. I’m definitely a veggie lover and I grew up very close to veggies. Dan Schneider who produced iCarly, Victorious, a number of really great Nickelodeon shows. He is producing my show and I’m really excited to be in his hands because it makes me feel safe and like “Woo! Dan’s in charge, I’m good”. We’re taping the pilot in a few weeks, so the end of August. I can’t wait and I know one cast member.. I can’t say anything but you will be happy! AHH! What’s going on with your music now?
Jennette: I’m done with this album. I’m a big fan of being completely honest so I actually left Capitol Nashville recently. I would love to continue pursuing music to see whatever journey it takes me, however much a part of my life it will take but I would love to pursue other deals maybe a different genre. In the past year or so I’ve found that I love a lot of the Top 40s stuff. I just love songs that are catchy and that are just fun to sing, that makes you feel great and just make you want to roll your windows down and blast it and it can never be too loud. That’s the kind of music I hope to make. Would you like to collaborate with any other Nick stars?
Jennette: Lemme tell you what jams I love, Miss Miranda Cosgrove’s Dancing Crazy and Disgusting. I could listen to things, I probably have listened to those things 15 hundred times. Everybody who knows me is just tired of those songs because I overplay them so much. So I would love to some sort of a song with Miranda sometime.

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