Jennette McCurdy talks about the pros and cons of her music career

Posted on July 31, 2012

HowToRock recently interviewed with Jennette McCurdy to talk about her upcoming Nickelodeon show and music career which includes reasons why she left Capitol Records Nashville.

How To Rock: Tell us about your new show!

Jennette McCurdy: Dan Schneider, the executive producer and writer on Victorious, iCarly, etc., is creating this show for me and we’re taping the pilot in a few weeks. I’m so excited for it. I know one more cast member who I can’t say anything about yet, but it’s so exciting for me because I’m really good friends with this person.

HTR: What’s the latest with your music career?

Jennette: I recently left [my record label] Capitol Nashville because it was getting too difficult to travel to have to make my record and publicize my record. I was spending so much time in Nashville but also working on the show in LA. I didn’t think it was fair to anybody to do that. I felt like I needed to figure out where I needed to be and just stick to that. I definitely hope that music comes into my life in the future in some ways. So I guess its just a matter of finding if there’s a label that will be a good fit for me and a genre that will be the perfect fit for me. I want to make sure my feet are firmly planted before I take the next the step. But yeah, I definitely love making music and I’ll post covers and stuff in the meantime.

HTR: What are your favorite – and least favorite – things about being a musician?

Jennette: Acting is all about being somebody else and exploring other people, and music is all about being yourself and exploring yourself. Every song you put out is like a segment of your journal – whatever you’re writing is an experience that you’re hoping other people can relate to. That’s why people sometimes connect on such a deep level with an artist… because it’s a personal connection at that point. One thing I didn’t like about music is being stuck in a bunk on the road. I was on a tour bus for two months and there were like 12 bunks and everyone in my band picked their bunks first and they were like “McCurdy, you’re stuck top right.”


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  1. I want to know who will be on the show with her!

  2. Go jenette your exceptional you are dynamo im a big fan i wish i could just be like you one day!!!! Congrats For everythign youve achieved in your life Every girl I know wants to be you Hope you reply love sincerely: Aweng