Jennette McCurdy returns with another Q&A session

Posted on July 28, 2012

Jennette McCurdy surprised her fans when she announced that she was open to receive questions which lasted well over two hours. Below are the many questions that Jennette chose to answer.

Q: fried or grilled chick?!
A: grilled, but that’s not what Sam would say ;)

Q: do you know anything about your new show yet??
A: some stuff, and it’s really exciting:)

Q: Do you think One Direction are good actors? ;)
A: yeah they’re really fun!

Q: What is your favorite singer at the moment?
A: Katy perry! And Adele

Q: If u had to dye ur hair in any color what color would it be?
A: blue or purple. you never replied again, so i’ll just answer that if my hair was gonna be a different color, i’d want it purple!

Q: What was your biggest dream as a child?
A: that I was Charlie in willy wonky and the chocolate factory

Q: you and ariana still best friends? I miss your streams with her
A: love her! Yes!

Q: favorite movie of month?
A: rock of ages :P

Q: i spend my life thinking of witty things to tweet you. Then when you do a q&a, i can’t even remember my own name.
A: I hope you at least remember your nickname ;)

Q: Thanks For Exist @jennettemccurdy I’m Camila. You’re my oxygen. I Love You. My Queen
A: I’m oxygen, sweet, never heard that before lol

Q: can I have a nickname? :)
A: 7-grain blueberry pancake :)

Q: have you ever been to England?
A: once for a layover. I’d love to go back. Nothin like accents and cobblestone

Q: If you could be on a 90s Nick show, what would it be?!??
A: all that or Kenan kel. #orangesoda

Q: I’m a #PoshMobster, totally addicted to your tumblr page
A: thank you!! I’d love for you guys to send me ideas for what you want to see on it

Q: how long have you known Ariana for?
A: 3 years!

Q: Do you remember me from Natick Mall? I had the Japanese Star Wars shirt.
A: of course! We talked for awhile. That was one of my favorite malls on tour

Q: Have you met my lovely friend Trisha Kirby yet? She says hi! :D
A: adorable

Q: your pumpkin scone made you this, boo
A: that’s beautiful, Jess!

Q: What is your favorite sport? Btw, your mom has the same birthday as my mom!! We have that connection between us lol! ;);)
A: curling

Q: you are absolutely gorgeous
A: shucks!! Thank you!

Q: are you having your own tv after icarly and with who if you are ?
A: yes I am! So excited!

Q: one word to describe your McCurdians?
A: Kkanakakajzkjahgvvcyghosmnslalabsijwklqnwjsjallansme

Q: When we met in Memphis last year, we started a conga line together! Do you remember that?! Haha! I love you! :]
A: Yeah! Everybody was looking at me funny! Let’s limbo next time!

Q: You know you forgot to add water in your personal motto?
A: haha

Q: what’s your favorite item on the Nordstrom app? I installed it yesterday :)
A: i love these…

Q: Pretty Little McCurdians is Trending !!
A: this is awesome!!!

Q: can you tell us something about your new show ?
A: No, but @danwarp can. ;)

Q: What do you think about this outfit?
A: you betta werk! You look amazing

Q: what’s your favorite flower
A: hydrangeas are definitely in the finals.

Q: what color is the shirt you have now?
A: white with pink and orange stripes! now you go!

Q: I love you , @jennettemccurdy
A: and I love ya back.

Q: What’s your favorite accessories for an outfit? :]
A: accessories can make or break it! I love a colorful watch or a few bracelets.

Q: why am I so invisible to you? WHY??? favorite place to hide?
A: I love hide and seek

Q: What’s your favorite type of cereal?
A: Go Lean Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, anything that’s ______ _______ Crunch really. :)

Q: yesterday I went to Nordstrom’s and I had to stop myself from buying every single thing you’ve posted on PoshMob :p
A: hahha excellent!

Q: Do you like this edit I made for you? ;)
A: that’s great!! Thanks!

Q: What do you think about Miranda’s Summer Tour?
A: it’s great! I wish she had a stop closer to SoCal!

Q: your FANS appreciate your vocal talent very much! Don’t let Crapitol Nashville take the enjoyment of singing away from you
A: haha!! Thank you. I will not.

Q: How would you define @NathanKress ?
A: Quiff-tabulous!

Q: Whats the best part about visiting St. Jude? :)
A: Caleb Waddell

Q: What percentage of your love for McCurdians?
A: how many millions are in a billion?

Q: I was trying to imitate your daily makeup… I don’t look that good as you hahaha
A: i love it!

Q: I gave your name to my goose is called Jennette McGoose look
A: that is rad

Q: I made this. You like? :)
A: haha that’s a lotta me! But it’s cool

Q: What shoes should I wear with my BCBG dress that matches yours from CraigFerg??
A: funny strappy wedges or great red pumps, maybe patent leather!

Q: Hey Jennette, please says ”Hi Rodrigo” to me please 31
A: I will not! 30

Q: I got an new uglydoll and named him Cheebo. He’s a McCurdian :]
A: love him!!

Q: You one time said “GET IT @katyperry. GET IT.” So… do you think she got it? :P
A: hahahha

Q: Okay @jennettemccurdy, I think I’m going to give up *falls to floor and sobs*
A: way to bring the party down. ;)

Q: what’s your house on Harry Potter?
A: ravenclaw

Q: When u will recorde the PILOT of your show?

Q: Can I get a nickname?? Pleeeaaseeee
A: CD Mustache

Q: what is your favorite juice ?
A: not carrot and if you’re asking me my favorite seed, not sunflower. though sunflowers are in the flower finals, too.

Q: I think I will give up sending your weird questions. They’re to awkward to get answered ;)
A: keep sending keep sending

Q: As long as @jennettemccurdy knows i love her and support her… Im one happy dude
A: I do!

Q: what would you most like to eat for breakfast?
A: Eggo Waffles!

Q: You look sexy with a moustache. This isn’t surprising
A: it’s cuz I’m actually a man.

Q: what is your favorite series?
A: That’s currently on? Game a’Trones!

Q: I want a nickname too! :( pleasee
A: Okay, NoReasonFrownyFace. ;)

Q: Can I have a nickname before I turn 20? Cuz after that it’ll just be creepy.
A: Teacake!

Q: PS3 or Xbox 360 ?
A: Nintendo.

Q: could say “hi guilherme” please. realize my dream. always supporting you ?
A: Hi Guilherme. Now as a favor, I ask that your support is a statement and not a question.

Q: Do you like beards as much as you like mustaches?
A: That’d be pretty tough considering mustaches are my favorite thing in the whole world, but they’re close.

Q: Hi, you are my inspiration, you are my favorite singer, my favorite actriz :: i love you so much
A: Your name’s pretty like my mom.

Q: can I have nickname please? :)) i’ll be SO HAPPY little rainbow :D
A: you already gave yourself a cute one, little rainbow. :D

Q: did u and @danwarp already start shooting some parts for your own show?
A: not yet! soon!

Q: is it very difficult to remove all slime that gets stuck in your hair?
A: in a word, it’s really hard to get slime off everything! and it’s cold!

Q: Marry Me? Describe your three brothers in 3 words?
A: who’s in our wedding party? my bros, 3 words: older, loving, characters.

Q: why don’t YOU ask US questions for a change?
A: coffee or tea? soda or water? then, which of the winners? which of the losers? thanks :P

Q: Atleast tell me your favorite color? Pleassse
A: at least?? what do you really want to know?

Q: do you have a pet?
A: no. want one though!

Q: jenn my life please answer me You’re like a goddess min to answer me please love you very much
A: what’s your question, silly goose?

Q: I Love You
A: thanks Shoetiful. ;)

Q: Jennette tell me a word that comes into your head now..
A: Olympics would be the truth. Random would be a lie not worth telling. Beleagured is my misspelled, fake response.

Q: hey jennette twitter o facebook?
A: is that a new time of day? ;)

Q: You have a twin sister? Hahaha loveee that!
A: :) i wish i had a clone army!

Q: How is your Saturday? I hope wonderful!
A: it’s really nice. thanks! i hope you’re having a good one, too. i hope everybody is! don’t we all?

Q: Do you know what… Someday i’ll marry with you and you’ll be the husband and i’ll be the wife! :D What do you think?
A: can you birth us a brood of ugly dolls?

Q: tea, soda, and whoever is nice to me. Winner or loser, I don’t care. :D
A: i meant who wins out of tea and soda? and who wins out of coffee and water?

Q: favorite color bathing suit you own?
A: a Tory burch one that’s turquoise, yellow, and gray!

Q: what is the best movie you watched recently?
A: Part of Me!!! Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spiderman

Q: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! do you love me back as ur biggest fan? ur such an inspiration i wanna be like u wen i grow up!So proud
A: best way to do that is to not grow up!

Jennette ended her Q&A with the following tweet:

bye everybody! i’m getting in the shower! i’m not actually!


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  1. Over 2 hours that I missed? What a stroke of luck I’m having today. So bummed. : (