Jennette McCurdy reads Nick Offerman’s tweets

Posted on July 25, 2012

Nick Offerman recently read a collection of tweets from young celebrities, which was featured on the Conan O’Brien show. Below are the tweets that were picked from Jennette McCurdy:

Doesn’t faded floral wallpaper just make you nervous about life?

This is one of the best days ever. Next to that day I got Lorax pancakes from IHOP.

I saw somebody holding a rolled-up script and I thought it was a churro.

J14 posted an exclusive video of Jennette McCurdy retaliating by reading aloud tweets from Nick Offerman.

I require no holiday to eat my fill of Corned Beef.

I have 2 tips to brighten your day: 1) read Wendell Berry stories (Fidelity, Watch With Me). 2) Go outside and look at a leaf. Try Sycamore.

Twitter was a mistake. I’m leaving it behind and going outside to look at nature, then use my hands to make something. Join me. Goodbye.

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