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Posted on July 20, 2012

Jennette McCurdy recently tweeted a link to her brand new tumblr based blog, Posh Mob. She will be sharing her newfound love with fashion. The most recent tweet included her favorite type of shoes, Miu Miu (which she wore for the ACM Awards) and describes why she enjoys them so much.

Miu Miu is my favorite shoe designer. The shoes are impeccably constructed, as comfy as high heels can get, have great shape, and are quite durable. I own 5 pairs, and I treat them very nicely! Miu Miu’s are an investment, so be sure to care for them as such.

Below is the very first introductory post Jennette wrote on her blog:

Welcome to Posh Mob
Hello everybody!

My name is Jennette, and I wanted to start this website because I have a newfound love of fashion. I have always respected and loved great pieces of well-made clothes, but I grew up in a household of busy parents and brothers who were more into video games than clothing, so fashion was not necessarily a priority.

I have been in the entertainment industry for awhile now, as an actress and part time musician, and it comes to my attention time and time again what a difference fashion can make to your image, attitude, and outlook. I have attended events where I wore outfits that were not planned, slapped together last minute, not cohesive, and even sloppy looking. I felt the same. On the other hand, I have attended events wearing a beautifully made dress in a great color, with my hair and makeup done just right, and felt like I could fly.

This difference in perspective that can come through a good outfit vs a bad outfit is what inspired me and caused me to envelope this new fashion love. Here in this blog, I will try to grow and improve my own fashion sense, hopefully alongside you.

I am of the mindset that if we have the choice between feeling like we could fly or feeling ordinary, most all of us would choose to feel like flying. So why shouldn’t we give ourselves that opportunity? We deserve it. Why wait for the red carpet? Why not go through every day feeling fierce (thanks Christian Siriano) and fresh?

Being an actress, I have had the honor of working with some fabulous stylists and designers. I hope and like to think that I have picked up tips, tricks, and advice from them as well as my entertainer friends and peers, who know and implement fashion into their lives in wondrous ways.

Posh Mob is a place where I will share these tips and tricks, provide tons of ideas, spotlight great pieces, think up fun outfits, and have fun playing with fashion in a way that I hope you enjoy.

My ultimate goal for this blog is to inspire and encourage feeling great about yourself through clothes. You’ve got to wear them, so why not wear what makes you feel fantastic?

Thanks for reading,

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  2. whoo go Jenette and hopefully alot of people will see your site because your like the best celebritie ever.,…