Jennette McCurdy talks about the final episode of iCarly and her own upcoming Nickelodeon show

Posted on July 11, 2012

OceanUP interviewed with Jennette McCurdy during her BirdsEye commercial and asked various questions such as her favorite vegetables, music, exercise routines, her feelings when filming the final episode of iCarly and what she plans to do next in her career. Check out the exclusive interview below provided by OceanUP:

Q: Tell us about your involvement with BirdsEye!
Jennette: I’m part of the BirdsEye GenVeg campaign and this is a whole new movement that is encouraging kids to get creative with their vegetables and to not view veggies as something that is gross or “ugh, I gotta eat my veggies”. It’s telling kids: “No, vegetables are cool, just figure out how to use them right”

Q: Michelle Obama has also been involved with the campaign, have you ever met her?
Jennette: I have met Mrs. Obama. It was very exciting we actually did an episode with her last year on an episode of iCarly and she came on our show to help promote her Joining Forces initiative. Working with her was amazing and we actually did a military base tour to promote the episode and once again got to see her in Washington DC and we got a tour of the White House, which was amazing.

Q: What that said, what’s your favorite vegetable?
Jennette: My favorite vegetable is corn and broccolli definitely.. and asparagus!

Q: What vegetables did you hate eating growing up?
Jennette: Growing up I hated (and I still hate) cauliflower. It’s the one I just can’t get past. I just don’t.. I don’t like it.

Q: What’s your favorite prepared vegetable dish?
Jennette: I love sauteed asparagus. Mmm! And I love these grilled brussels sprouts with balsamic vinaigrette that they make at a restaruant on Sunset, it’s so good.

Q: Worst dietary habit or confession?
Jennette: Oh! I loves me some icecream! It’s bad, I really super like icecream. It just makes me happy and it’s unfortunate. I wish icecream was healthier.

Q: Favorite flavor?
Jennette: Cookies and cream! Oh my goodness. If anybody puts cookies and cream icecream in front of me, I will have it.

Q: Food weakness?
Jennette: Ooh, food weakness if not icecream.. geez. It’s funny it’s kind of Sam-esque, I like meat a lot. I love ribs, I love chicken. I try to eat fish a lot since that kind of gets the meat craving down, but I do love meat!

Q: What is the Jennette McCurdy diet and exercise routine?
Jennette: My dietary exercise routine is I try to get vegetables in as much as possible and if you reach for a vegetable or a fruit when you go to the fridge, you are satisfying your hunger but you’re also doing yourself a favor so that is my dietary kind of what I grab for. I also write down what I eat because that really helps and sometimes you can forget really what you consumed and you’ll just grab for something and you won’t remember like “oh wait no, I’m good. I’ve had this, this and this” So try to write it down if that helps and I take cyclelates. It’s very fun, it’s a combination of pilates and like a spin class. I also go to the gym pretty regularly. I do basic elliptical or treadmill or stationary bike and light 5lb free weights.

Q: How often do you workout?
Jennette: For the past few months I’ve really been trying to buckle down on my gym regimine because I have fallen off of it with working so much and I definitely felt a difference in clear my head was and working out just makes me feel so much better about everything. I’ve been definitely more ontop of it lately and I try not to have more than six days off a month so you’ve got to juggle them and saying that I have to go so I don’t want to fill out my six days too fast.

Q: Tell us about the iCarly series finale, what are your emotions?
Jennette: We just shot our iCarly series finale and honestly I knew it was going to be devistating because I love everybody in that cast so much. It was ten times more difficult than I had even anticipated. During our table read everybody was crying and then on our final day of shooting I couldn’t get through our final scene. I couldn’t say my lines because I was just convulsive crying, it was very extreme. It’s bittersweet, onto new fun things, but saying goodbye to such an awesome.. awesome time.

Q: What can viewers expect from the season finale?
Jennette: The series finale definitely delivers. I think there was definitely an unspoken pressure on our writers and executive producer, Dan Schneider, to make something that satisfied the fans in a big way because we do have such a large fan following, I mean that’s what has kept us on for so long (110 episodes) so basically their objective in writing the episode was to satisfy them and I think they did a magnificent job in it because there is a certain amount of closure and loose ends are tied up and questions that fans might have had for the past 5 seasons that they thought “they are never going to be answered!” they are answered! I think all the fans are going to love it. I know me reading it, I laughed out loud, I cried. It was an experience and I hope the fans see it the same way.

Q: Post iCarly, what are your plans?
Jennette: Post iCarly, I actually am starting on my own show. We’re taping the pilot in August and I’m really thrilled because Dan Schneider, who executive produces and created iCarly, Drake and Josh, Zoey 101.. all the really great Nickelodeon shows in the past decade, he’s the one making the show. So I’m really glad to be able to know that he’s in charge of it because there’s no one that I would trust more than Dan.

Q: If you could guest star on any TV show, what would it be?
Jennette: 30 Rock

Q: Favorite show at the moment?
Jennette: SNL and 30 Rock

Q: If you could cover any song, what would it be?
Jennette: Something by Katy Perry, maybe.. probably something from One of the Boys

Q: Favorite top 40?
Jennette: Favorite Top 40s song would be.. something by Andy Grammer or Jessie J.

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  1. Brazilian says:

    I love Jennette. I can’t belive she will say “goodbye” for iCarly. I love the progrram.

  2. Brazilian says:

    I can’t belive she’ll say goodbye for iCarly.

  3. I cant believe icarly is gonna be over. It has and will always be a part of me. Am eleven years and my dream was to be or star in icarly but know it goona be over, i dont want my dream to be over. :( ;(

  4. Hi I love u u make a good actrist and u rock


  6. Jennette, I love u and icarly so much, it was a big part of my life and I’m gonna miss it so much :(, can’t wait to c u in something else x