Jennette McCurdy shares the Camp Orange experience

Posted on July 9, 2012

In a recent behind the scenes video, Jennette McCurdy is in a few days in filming Camp Orange. She expresses how much fun she has with co-hosts Luke and Wyatt and which team is dominating the challenges. Watch the following video below to hear what Jennette has to say about the episodes.

Hey everybody! Jennette McCurdy from iCarly here, I’m hanging out at Camp Orange: Girls vs Boys. I’ve been having so much fun, it’s a few days in and I just got to say it’s crazy, Luke and Wyatt crack me up, they’re so hilarious I love those guys and all the campers are so sweet and they are so good and so ready for the challenges. They’re awesome, they keep me laughing and keep me on my toes and they say things just randomly that crack me up.

The break the ice challenge was intense, everybody was covered in slime. Everybody did so well and they finished neck and neck and they got the same amount of points that challenge. The girls took away the prize because they finished alittle bit beforehand so I was really happy for that we won by a hair. I was really proud of the boys because they did a great job too.

The “Find A Frenemy” challenge that went really well. The boys took away that prize and I gotta give it to them deservedly so. They did a great job, they found more frenemies than the girls did. The Bulldozers especially went through the ringer. They had to crack eggs ontop of each others heads and eat the anchovies. Even though the Mega Monkeys just ate the anchovies (they opened the same box), I was just glad I did not have to participate in that challenge or compete in it. I just got to root everybody on because eating anchovies and cracking eggs ontop of my head is disgusting so I was happy to be like: “Yeah! Crack those eggs!” and not have to do it myself.

Geez, I’m glad I’ve still got a couple of days left. I’ll be sad to go, I’m already dreading it. I don’t want to leave! Camp Orange: Girls vs Boys, too much fun!

If you are still unsure of what Camp Orange means, check out the following behind the scenes video of Jennette McCurdy with Luke and Wyatt as they try to figure out what the name of the show they’re hosting:

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  1. Jennette is SO sweet :)