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Posted on July 4, 2012

Australian’s Girl Power Magazine interviewed with Jennette McCurdy to get an inside look at her lifestyle and her thoughts about being a co-host on Nickelodeon’s Camp Orange. Special thanks to Jade for transcribing the article.

Girl Power: You’re the newest host of Camp Orange! What’s been the biggest surprise so far?

Jennette McCurdy: Honesty, I’m so impressed by the kids, I didn’t expect them to be so fair and supportive of each other and so mature. They are like little bursts of energy and up for any challenge!

Girl Power: This year Camp Orange is Girls Vs. Boys! As a young lady, do you see yourself rooting for a particular side?

Jennette McCurdy: I’m coaching the girls so if I don’t say the girls, that’s horrible! I’m totally rooting for the girls. They’re really awesome.

Girl Power: Do you have a soft spot for the boys?

Jennette McCurdy: The boys are adorable. They’re really nice. It doesn’t feel too much like “Oh the girls have got to win! You suck boys!” It’s pretty fair.

Girl Power: What has been your favorite challenge so far?

Jennette McCurdy: The scavenger scramble. I think that one had the most obstacles and I was shocked by how dirty the kids were. They went through chocolate, feathers, cockroaches, honey, slime- it was disgusting.

Girl Power: Do you notice teams have different sets of skills?

Jennette McCurdy: Yeah, with the boys it’s about strength for sure, whereas the girls are better with balance and speed. Charlotte and Harmony are actually trapeze artists, so they are great with balance and Monique and Gorgia are fierce and spritely and they’re up for anything. The girls are so strategic, but the boys are great with aim.

Girl Power: If you were to enter, who would be in your team?

Jennette McCurdy: I’d want to be on Luke and Wyatt’s team. I think they should’ve done a little surprise at the end where it’s like girls vs. boys vs. the hosts. I’m pretty sure misadventures and mishaps would ensue, but it would have been good entertainment.

Girl Power: Which team is the grossest?

Jennette McCurdy: Probably the boys, the girls are not as willing to do things like the Wrong Town Dinners. The boys are like, “Bugs? I’ll eat ‘em! Jellyfish trifle, barf burger? Alright!”

Girl Power: Who’s your favorite boy Nickelodeon character?

Jennette McCurdy: Spencer on iCarly, Jerry Trainer is a genius and hilarious. Hands down my favorite.

Girl Power: If you were a boy for a day, what would you do?

Jennette McCurdy: I’ve thought about this before because I have three older bothers and I think it’d be fun. I’d be very gross because as a girl there are certain ladylike tendencies you keep to. For example, Luke farted and it cracked me up and I thought “I can’t do that! I’m a lady!” but if I were a guy I’d be all up in that, I’d fart all over the place!

Below are scanned articles from Girl Power Magazine graciously provided by Sarah.

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